How to Start a Kitchen Remodeling Project

How to Start a Kitchen Remodeling Project

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when it is absolutely necessary to spruce up the place. With time, it becomes apparent that you need to give your ancient kitchen a modern uplift. You could be thinking of getting a new marble island in the kitchen. Here is a helpful article on how to start a kitchen remodeling project without breaking the bank or even a sweat. The ideas outlined here will help you in setting your kitchen remodeling project goals and creating your budget plan before bringing in the professionals to get the job done to perfectly meet your needs and goals.

Starting Out

It is in your best interest to take some time to carefully reflect on your dream kitchen renovation project before you actually commit yourself. It is highly recommended you at least take a year. Many kitchen remodeling projects end up failing or dragging on long after their expected completion date as a result of poor planning and execution. As any seasoned kitchen remodel expert would tell you, always start with the end in mind in order to make informed decisions with a remodeling job. Keep in mind that you may run into many challenges and hurdles with an ambitious kitchen remodeling project.

Assessing Your Needs and Wants

If you go online, you will find there are a million and one different type of kitchen designs and styles you can chose from. As a smart consumer, it is imperative you avoid the lure and temptation of being attracted to every new design and style you come across out there. It is best to go into your research with a clear-cut idea of exactly what you are interested in for guaranteed results with your kitchen remodeling project. As part of the process of assessing your needs and wants for your kitchen, ask yourself the following important questions.
  • How often will you use the kitchen, and for how long, on average?
  • What is the equipment you need and want in the kitchen?
  • Apart from preparing, cooking and serving meals, what other activities do you wish to conduct in the kitchen?
  • What kind of kitchen storage do you need?
  • What are your preferred style, finish and features for cabinets?
To solve the problem of how to remodel a kitchen step by step, it is prudent to first dig deep and identify the features and elements you want to incorporate into the space. Then, factor in your unique style and preferences. Before you make a solid decision about the needs and wants issue when you are remodeling, it is critical to talk to some industry experts. Consultations with skilled and experienced remodeling professionals are an excellent avenue to assist you in your decision-making process. Just be sure to check the resume and prior work of the professionals you interview or are considering hiring.

Establishing a Timeframe

It is important to point out that the most frustrating concern when remodeling a kitchen is often the cost. Many homeowners get upset when they find themselves waist-deep in ballooning remodeling costs many months past the expected completion date. As a savvy consumer looking for the right answer on how to remodel your kitchen, it is in your best interest to ensure you have the contractors you hire commit themselves, in writing, to completing the set tasks you need performed, at the agreed rates, within a set timeframe. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to always steer clear of hiring contractors on an hourly rate basis. Oftentimes, those who charge on an hourly basis tend to deliberately delay the project for a chance to mint more cash from your end. Working with a fixed rate contract, however, leaves very little room for error with a contractor. They are all too aware that any mistakes or delays will most certainly cut into their potential income from a particular remodeling contract. To be on the safe side with the unpredictable costs of the remodeling, you should set aside ample funds or have financing in place for the total project cost. It is also wise to earmark additional funds for unexpected costs and overages that might occur with your remodel.

Setting Your Project Goals

Take the time to carefully outline your expectations for your kitchen remodel. It is only after you have identified and listed all your project goals that you can start to make meaningful headway with a home improvement project. Setting your goals straight helps you to steer clear of the unnecessary and costly distractions that can occur with any repair and renovation contract. Here are a few interesting nuggets of wisdom on how to remodel a kitchen to help you draft your project goals. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Will the renovation lead to an increase in the resale value of my property?
  • Will the remodeling provide more storage space and better functionality in my kitchen?
  • Should I opt for an open layout to help create the appearance of a larger space?
  • What kitchen elements do I want to update or change, such as appliances, cabinets or flooring?

Now it is Shopping Time

After you have identified and worked out your particular needs and wants for your remodel, and then followed that up by aligning your project with certain goals, it is now time to start shopping for the right materials and products to complete your kitchen renovation. This is where prospective shoppers of quality equipment, materials and products tend to run into trouble in their quest. The problem begins with acknowledging the fact that the kitchen remodeling niche has been around for quite some time now. Over time, contractors, both legit and those less than ethical, have realized that there is a lot of money to be made from repairing and remodeling homes. This has created a real demand for quality plumbers, electricians, and other home renovation experts that will only continue to rise in the coming years. Consumers are advised to be extremely careful when selecting the home improvement contractors they work with. If you have opted to find and connect with remodeling contractors or equipment suppliers online, then you ought to make sure you only click on verified, trusted and reviewed websites. Do not forget to be a bit patient as you compare and contrast the different remodeling rates and proposals there are on the web in order to make an informed decision. While on the web, why not search for the results under an intuitive phrase such as: How to remodel a house step by step?

Budgeting is Very Important!

As is the case with any big remodeling project, you should be prepared to spend a considerable sum of money in getting a first-class kitchen remodel completed on time. As such, it is in your best interest to first sit down with your chosen renovation experts and list all the materials required, the labor costs involved and any other expected expenses before the contract begins. That way, you will gain an accurate idea of the total sum of money needed to complete your kitchen renovation project. Without having a clear perspective of the expected costs, you will always be fighting an uphill battle with surprise expenses catching you off guard. To avoid this, it is important to gain a good understanding of the potential costs of different remodeling components and their impact on your total budget. For instance replacing the kitchen cabinets alone can take up an estimated 25-30% of your total renovation budget.

Bringing in the Pros

After you have worked out the details of your budget, it is time to put your ideas into action by bringing in knowledgeable, trustworthy professionals to handle all the delicate but essential renovation tasks. Ideally, you should only consider hiring a professional who has a wealth of experience as both a kitchen designer and a general contractor. These professionals have the right skills to help transform your remodeling ideas into tangible outcomes you can enjoy over the long term. It is smart to rely on referrals, especially if this is your first experience with redoing a kitchen. In many cases, you will have someone in your close circle who can point you in the right direction of a dependable and affordable general contractor or kitchen designer. After you receive the contact details from a suitable renovation expert, do not rush into calling them. Instead, make sure you check around to try and uncover as much information and data as possible about their track record and achievements. If you are pleased with the reviews or sentiments expressed by other homeowners who had successful kitchen remodeling projects completed by certain professionals, you can then contact the most promising kitchen designer and get started on your project. Sign up for the tested and proven kitchen remodeling services offered by the team at Boss Design Center. Our name is synonymous with quality, sustainable design and renovation solutions. Visit us to learn about a wide array of interesting ideas for remodeling your kitchen and other interior spaces.

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