Kitchen Remodeling Recommendation

Kitchen Remodeling Recommendation

Kitchens are more than just stunning backlash and gorgeous cabinets. Planning a kitchen remodel to achieve maximum kitchen remodeling  ‘value’, consider a kitchen remodeling recommendation from the following for space functionality that will be easy and fun to work in.

Design wide walkways

Paths through kitchens should be wide enough to accommodate two people.  When planning, the kitchen island and peninsular should be adjusted accordingly. Cooktops should be a kept out of traffic area to avoid children from causing spills when running through. Refrigerators should be place at end of walkways for access by both passersby and people working in cooking and cleaning up areas.


Place microwave ovens at the right height and location. For adults, placing them on counter tops is suitable but when children are to access them, place below the counter remodeling recommendation.

 remodeling recommendation

Island and landing space

If planning to use island as an eating zone, it should be place where it is easily accessible and maximum efficient. For the landing areas, allow 15 inches of countertops and refrigerator. This will allow easy use when handling activities on them. If you frequently cook, a good remodel recommendation is to increase your counter space, preferably between the range and sink, than those who infrequently cook. Having two counter tops height makes baking easy and helps kids who are involved in meal preparations. Install multiple outlets along the backlash and on the island do you have electricity whenever needed.

 remodeling recommendation


Consider careful designs decisions as they make cleaning easy.  Use wire shelves in refrigerators as glass shelves catch spill. Flush-set or demount sinks are a good remodel recommendation as they do not have crump catching rim. Matte finish does not show dirt like the glossy ones. Consider soft shades, as they will lighten up the kitchen and bathroom. Dark color scheme makes them uninviting and are not a viable remodel recommendation. Bright kitchen cabinets and busy countertop pattern give the eye too much look at, thus u should consider one focal point in the kitchen design and compliment that area with a few other quieter and eye pleasing details.

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