The Most Popular Styles For A Kitchen Remodel

The Most Popular Styles For A Kitchen Remodel

Home is where the heart is and the heart of a home is the kitchen. Families eat together in the kitchen, couples cook together in the kitchen, and people entertain guests in the kitchen area of their home. Your kitchen should reflect your character, sense of style, and offer the efficiency and space to utilize it the way you need and prefer to. From the color of the cabinets to the texture of the walls and the fixtures of the sink, every kitchen is different from the next one. You want to have a kitchen in your home that not only reflects who you are as a person but is a room that everyone who visits your home will enjoy spending time in. If your kitchen does not do this for you, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodel should not be taken lightly. You must first figure out the style you want your newly improved kitchen to reflect. To choose the correct one for you and your family, you need to learn what is available in today’s market where many people are talking about shiplap and farm sinks. Instead of spending time doing the research it takes to find the perfect style for your remodeled kitchen, this list of the most popular styles for a kitchen remodel will make it much easier for you to make your decision.

The Modern Kitchen

If a sleek and chic kitchen is appealing to you and your family, you may want to go for a modern kitchen design. To modernize a kitchen, you will want a lot of shiny metals and a simple yet elegant décor. For a modern kitchen, you will want to go with cabinets that are frameless. These types of cabinets do not have rails or stiles so your cabinets appear seamless. These Euro-style metal, laminate, or glass cabinets will set the mood for your modernized kitchen. Solid gray, black, or navy counters will really set off your new frameless cabinets and a glass backsplash will highlight the chic look of your new kitchen. For a more contemporary look, install some updated, stainless steel, high-tech appliances and some recessed lighting and your plan to modernize your kitchen will be complete.

The Farmhouse “Fixer Upper” Style Kitchen

If you have been craving a farmhouse sink, lighter colors on the walls and cabinets, and a simple backsplash with character, the Farmhouse style kitchen may just be for you. Farmhouse kitchens provide warmth and togetherness for families and friends. While you want your farmhouse-style kitchen to be cozy, a kitchen with ample storage is extremely important to its functionality. Installing wall-length cabinets is one way to increase storage free up counter space. You will also want the cupboards to be placed all the way to the ceiling to make the room look and feel larger than it is actually is. Adding a large island in the center of your kitchen that has cupboards built inside of it is also an amazing way to increase your kitchen storage. Placing adorable shelves throughout the kitchen also offers more places for storing items that you need to make the meals you and your family love to eat. The kitchen sink in your kitchen can be replaced with a farmhouse sink to provide more of the characteristics of a farmhouse kitchen. This type of sink is made to be practical and will make a nice centerpiece of your farmhouse sink. A large, wooden table with plenty of seating is a must-have for your farmhouse kitchen. It is rustic-looking and also allows for plenty of room for family members and friends to have a good conversation over a great meal.

The Traditional Kitchen

Transforming your drab kitchen into a traditional one begins with the details. From crown molding to raised-panel cupboards, your kitchen will come to life. A neutral color scheme and granite countertops will make your kitchen the inviting and warm area of your home that you want to create. Stylish Lighting: Lighting is important in any kitchen, and traditional kitchen remodels are the perfect time to splurge on classic and stunning fixtures, including By adding a few chandeliers or lantern-style light fixtures, along with wood flooring, your kitchen will offer the traditional look and feel that will make your friends want to stay for coffee and then a second cup. When it comes to your kitchen remodel, you will want to splurge a little to ensure it is the space you have always wanted for making memories with family and friends. Your new kitchen will finally reflect your character and style while offering the convenience and efficiency you need in a kitchen.

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