These days, more and more families are opting to have elderly relatives live at home with them, instead of in a care home or other such facility. Maybe there’s no suitable care homes in the local area, or maybe they’d rather have their parents at home. Whether it’s a result of need or preference, it’s becoming increasingly popular to modify one’s home to accommodate elderly relatives. The average American household will require a ton of work in order for it to be suitable for aging in place. It is possible to redesign a house so that it’s suitable for various age groups, from toddler, right through to senior citizen. There are a ton of simple ways to remodel your home so that it’s able to accommodate aging in place, whether for you or a family member.

Safety and Comfort

  Mobility is often a challenge for the elderly. The bathroom generally needs close attention paid to it due to slipping hazards when it gets wet. This is most relevant to activities in the bathroom. This can be rectified with a number of simple changes including: lower toilets, bath bars, walk-in bath tubs and showers. These changes amplify the safety of the bathroom and make tasks in there simpler for your elderly family members to complete. Stairs can also present a massive issue for yourself or your aging family member. Chair lifts make worrying about your older relatives on the stairs a thing of the past and are the perfect choice for seniors who have trouble walking. As we grow older, it’s likely that our sight deteriorates. Lit-up light switches and motion-activated lighting are convenient and increase safety around the home.

Convenience Changes

There are a number of changes that can be made around the home that have convenience at the forefront. Kitchen remodeling that features easily reachable cabinets and drawers with light doors will be an invaluable feature that you will appreciate more and more over time, as you lose mobility and are no longer able to reach up so high. Hands also become less dexterous, so getting rid of fiddly knobs and replacing them with handles that can be easily grasped is a vital aspect of aging in place remodeling.

The Best Design Changes for Aging in Place

A bathroom on the lower level of your home is a pretty huge change, but one that can be important for aging in place. While this might not be necessary if you have a stair lift, this is still a popular choice when remodeling. It’s important to consider the flooring you have. Wheelchairs will have difficulty moving on carpet compared to other flooring options. Transition areas between rooms can be a challenge to negotiate, if they’re an uneven height. Decorative rugs can become a trip hazard, and really aren’t worth the risk. Widening doorways and hallways is a great choice as this can ensure all members of the household can move freely between rooms without any assistance. This is particularly useful if there are people living there who need walkers or wheelchairs to get around.

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