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If you’re living in Northern Virginia, DC, or Maryland, and have come to the conclusion that the space beneath your home would be more charitably called a “root cellar” than a basement and you are looking for a little less root and a lot more cellar, call us here at Boss Design Center to let us help your basement finishing efforts become a reality. Our team is standing by with a trusted crew ready to transform that hole in the ground into a basement finishing that affords you the space you need. Whether for storage, fun space, or accommodations for visiting guests, Boss Design Center is your partner in home renovation projects. Call us today for a no-obligation appraisal of the cost to turn your basement from a zero to a hero with the talented design team at Boss Design Center.


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My dream come true with Boss Design Center. My project manager and the entire construction crew was wonderful to work with, their knowledge and expertise made it a very easy process.

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