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Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom to suit a person with a disability is a crucial factor. This is especially when someone in the family has an immobilized condition. Many people give way on how to remodel the common bathroom and forget about the disabled. Nonetheless, Boss Design Center offers a detailed guideline on Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodeling.

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Portable wheelchair showers

Portable wheelchair showers are the top Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodeling. They make disabled bath comfortable. The wheelchairs often come with full shower tools. You can set up anywhere provided there are close to a water source. If you have this device on hand, you do not need remodeling. You can set it up in the victim’s room, any place where you can access water, like any regular sink tap.

Bathroom Tile Paint

Wall sinks

You should install wall sinks on walls so that the person with a disability can access them. Wall sinks are great Bathroom-remodeling alternatives for the disabled and especially the adults The flat mirrors and drawer should connect at a reachable level. Consider having locks on the drawer if children have access to the bathroom. The wall sink will ensure that the bathroom is convenient for him or her. During the remodeling, you also consider going through tips for selecting shower curtains that will make the disabled person feel more at home. You should ask the disabled person their preferred color and pattern to ensure their bathroom reflects what they like. You may think that the wall sink may interfere with the curtain. It is not true. The curtains are unique and can fit the sink thoroughly.

Bathroom Remodeling Alternatives for the Disabled


In conclusion, the above Bathroom remodeling alternatives for the disabled are great. They will make a disabled person around you feel like he or she is part of the family. Besides, they ensure him or her lead a good life likes the normal people.