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Exploring the Pros and Cons of a Curbless Shower

Nothing beats a curbless shower for a highly aesthetic blend of form and function in your bathroom. But just what is a curbless shower, anyway? Characterized by a seamless floor design with no raised threshold, curbless showers flaunt their contemporary style with a visually expansive yet sleek look that leaves bathrooms — especially smaller ones! — feeling less cluttered and claustrophobic. 

The appeal doesn’t stop at the sleek appearance of a modern curbless shower, though. In a nod to up-to-the-minute accessibility and convenience, a zero-entry shower eliminates the need for older adults or those with mobility issues to step over a barrier when it’s time to bathe.

For all their benefits, however, curbless showers do have a few drawbacks, including their initial expense. Zero-entry showers have grown in popularity for a reason, though, and with that in mind, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of installing them in your home. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages curbless showers bring to your bathrooms to better inform your decision-making process when you’re ready to talk to Boss Design Center about remodeling your space.

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The Advantages of Installing a Curbless Shower

When you want a space that stands at the forefront of contemporary bathroom design, a modern curbless shower offers an aesthetically appealing alternative to standard bathtubs and shower stalls. The attractive designs merge seamlessly with the floor, providing a practical solution for those with mobility challenges or creating a plan for aging in place. 

Likewise, these options offer fuss-free maintenance and cleaning when compared to traditional bathrooms. Let’s explore in more detail just why these innovative installations make a savvy, sophisticated choice when you’re ready to build or remodel.

Easy Access and Universal Design Principles

Whether you’re aging in place, have older relatives who visit often or want to boost the value of your home when it’s time to sell, a curbless shower can enhance its appeal. The universal design principles used in these installations equip everyone, no matter their mobility level, with the ability to enjoy a comfortable shower—especially when you choose a curbless shower with a bench built in for your build or remodel.

The lack of threshold enables easy entry and exit for wheelchairs and walkers, eliminating obstacles for those with mobility issues for extra safety. This inclusivity not only helps when you want to make the most of your golden years but may also make your home compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design.

Age-in-Place Friendliness

What is a curbless shower zero entry shower

Aging in place requires homeowners to plan ahead, installing fixtures and features that can help them better manage mobility issues as they age. In that regard, a curbless shower proves highly beneficial, with an innovative design that removes the traditional tub or shower curb completely from the equation. No curb to step over reduces physical strain and effort, plus risks of falling and other injuries caused by high lips, curbs and tub edges.

In turn, this safer design helps older adults and those with disabilities maintain dignity and autonomy within their homes while making the space easier for caregivers to maintain. The open design accommodates walkers and wheelchairs, keeping the bathroom accessible if mobility continues to decrease and equipping homeowners to better live independently, even if their health declines. 

Safety and Reduced Risks of Accidents

Another major advantage a zero entry shower brings to your home is safety. By making your bathroom safer — a place associated with a whole host of slip and fall issues — you make your environment more secure, enabling those with disabilities and older adults to move with more confidence. The curbless design eschews the standard lip to dramatically reduce tripping risks, but you can go even further with a no-entry shower to upgrade the look and functionality of your space.

Use nonslip tile for a seamless transition between your bathroom floor and shower area. This type of design adds a striking contemporary look to the space while keeping the footing more stable. By creating a thoughtful bathroom design like this, you ensure the space remains secure and accessible for everyone and showcase your commitment to independent living. 

Aesthetic Appeal and Modern Design

modern curbless shower design

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More than just highly functional fixtures, curbless showers strike the perfect balance between style and spaciousness in your bathroom. It is a shower that redefines your space with a minimalist aesthetic when you’re seeking a bathroom remodel awash with sleek sophistication. By eliminating the visual barriers created by tubs and stalls, a curbless shower opens up the area so that smaller bathrooms look and feel larger and less cluttered.

Best of all, endless varieties of tile options and arrangements let you choose exactly how you want your zero-entry shower to look. Choose large monochromatic tiles for an ultra-chic contemporary look, select luxe marble mosaic options for an upscale design, or pick something in between that meshes perfectly with your preferred colors and style. 

That’s the beauty of a curbless shower — it helps you create a unique sanctuary that resonates harmoniously with your tastes while enhancing the functionality of your home.

Zero Entry Design

Merging accessibility with the impression of near-limitless space, a zero-entry shower minimizes physical barriers in your bathroom for a sense of supreme safety and smooth visual continuity. The flooring design extends from one end of your bathroom to the other, ensuring exceptional stability for those with mobility challenges and creating a space that’s more cohesive than compartmentalized.

This barrier-free approach also makes a curbless shower simple to integrate into numerous interior design styles thanks to the clean, streamlined look that meshes equally well with classic hallways, modern bedrooms, and transitional kitchens or laundry rooms. No matter the design style of your home, though, a zero-entry shower helps you craft an inviting sanctuary that blends beautifully with your existing decor.

Curbless Shower With Bench

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When you want a comfortable spot to sit and unwind under a relaxing flow of water, a curbless shower with a bench provides you with an accessible haven of serenity and tranquility. A zero-entry shower like this also works well for those who can’t stand for extended periods, simplifying routine personal hygiene tasks for improved quality of life.

Because these designs enhance utility and comfort, user-friendly curbless showers make bathing safer for everyone, from small children and disabled people to those with mobility issues and older adults, enabling them to bathe with more independence and security. 

Installations with a bench never compromise style for functionality — professionals can easily customize the fixture to perfectly match the shower’s aesthetics. 

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

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Maintain a clean, pristine environment with help from a curbless shower. While traditional showers collect water and debris around curbs, their absence in a zero-entry shower design enables fuss-free rinsing without choke points that gather dirt. Likewise, the smooth, continuous floor design eliminates nooks and crannies where bacteria, mold, and mildew can hide and grow.

In fact, the uniform floor level enhances water drainage, making your bathroom environment less conducive to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. 

Additionally, this efficient drainage system works in tandem with a design that discourages dirt accumulation, making daily maintenance and weekly cleanups more manageable. 

The Drawbacks of Installing a Zero-Entry Shower

While highly aesthetic and accessible, a zero entry shower does present certain issues that you should consider before scheduling an installation. These modern fixtures enhance functionality and style at a price — water containment sometimes proves challenging, installation costs run high, and accommodations for structural requirements may even drive prices higher. 

Let’s look at the specifics of these drawbacks so you have a more complete picture of what it takes to integrate a curbless shower into your bathroom.

Water Containment Challenges

Since curbless showers lack the physical barriers used by traditional stalls and tubs, water may escape the shower area. Preventing damage to the bathroom due to this issue may require additional waterproofing measures, including specially designed slopes that direct water toward the drain. Waterproofing membranes beneath the tiles also prevent leaks and help maintain the structural integrity of bathrooms with a zero entry shower.

Higher Installation Costs

curbless shower floor construction

Curbless Shower Floor Construction

A curbless shower installation usually requires additional labor and materials compared to a standard tub or shower setup. Plumbing professionals who specialize in zero entry showers usually have experience with the more intricate construction, including potentially lowering existing bathroom floors and altering structural support under the shower for a flush fit and seamless transition. 

Other factors that may force installation costs higher include the need for custom-made products and high-quality materials made specifically for curbless shower installations, such as specialty drain systems.

Expense of Underlayment Membrane

When you want a curbless shower, premium underlayment products from a top-notch manufacturer such as Schluter Systems are a must. These premium waterproofing products may be more expensive, but they typically provide exceptional structural integrity and leak protection. 

Keep in mind that while known for their reliability, these membranes often allow replacement with alternative waterproofing products from less expensive brands that still meet industry standards for homeowners on tighter budgets. 

While still higher than materials for a standard installation, these cost-effective products may help you get the curbless shower you need without breaking the bank.

Structural Challenges

A curbless shower requires consistent floor height, so some bathrooms may present unique structural challenges. To counter these issues, installers may need to make adjustments to the joists beneath the flooring, including cutting and reinforcing them. This level of construction, however, often makes installing a zero entry shower an expensive endeavor.

Because these changes affect every part of your home, look to professional installers with a good reputation. These pros must either renovate your existing space or take on a new build with a firm understanding of the structural implications to maintain its integrity and functionality. They should be honest about whether your home can support the modifications they must make to accommodate the curbless shower design.

Incompatibility With Standard Shower Mats

The flush door design of curbless showers means they may not work with standard shower mats. Designed to sit atop an edge, curb or lip, traditional shower mats may not fit or function like they should, limiting slip and fall prevention options. 

You can mitigate this safety issue by installing nonslip tiles in your bathroom and zero entry shower, or you can add a slip-resistant coating directly to the shower floor. These alternatives help bolster the safety levels in your bathroom while maintaining the sleek, modern aesthetics of the curbless shower.

Why Choose a Curbless Shower?

With their modern aesthetics, enhanced accessibility and ease of maintenance, curbless showers present homeowners with a unique option for renovating — and innovating! — their bathrooms. The minimalist look makes smaller spaces appear bigger, they work well for everyone from toddlers to seniors, and they wipe down quickly for fuss-free cleaning. 

Potential adopters, however, should also consider the special challenges presented by installing a zero entry shower, such as higher initial expenses and the need for top-notch professional installation due to the precision required.

If you’re ready to integrate a curbless shower into your home please check out our bathroom remodel steps guide, it helps to have someone on deck who can balance the benefits against potential difficulties. 

That’s where Boss Design Center comes in — our experienced consultants take you from the rough draft of your project all the way through the completion process, so you have a single point of contact every step of the way. 

Schedule a free quote today to see how we can help with your curbless shower design and installation.


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