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How Much Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost in 2023?

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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?


Remodeling your home’s kitchen is a big investment, but it offers some equally big returns. A freshly-renovated kitchen gives you an attractive place to cook, entertain and enjoy quality family time, plus it increases the value of your home. To make your kitchen remodeling successful and affordable, it is important to plan ahead and weigh the different factors that might affect the overall cost – such as your kitchen size, the project scope, material choices and labor costs.

To help you fine-tune your goals and determine your budget, here is some guidance on kitchen remodeling cost based on project scope and price range estimates from Houzz and AngiesList cost surveys.

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Homeowners frequently feel perplexed by the cost of their kitchen remodeling project. Getting a specific price for renovation may prove difficult since every remodeling project holds different features, requirements and fixes. When it comes to materials, one has to make a choice between luxury and budget options. The price quoted by contractors may as well vary for the same service.
Remodeling one’s kitchen is a huge investment for any homeowner. It is also one of the ways one increase the value of one’s home, whether or not they have plans of selling it. Upgrading the kitchen can be quite pricey. It is important to ensure that one remodels within their budget. Despite the fact that finding an exact price is hard, there are various factors one needs to consider in order to establish the cost of remodeling their kitchen.

Average Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Minor Remodel

Minor Kitchen Remodeling Cost

A minor kitchen remodel will let you create the kitchen you want without breaking

the bank. Minor remodeling can allow you to:

A minor remodel typically includes:

  • Install Flooring – Laminate and vinyl are good options to update your kitchen flooring without spending a lot of money.
  • Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint – A new paint job is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen.
  • Update the Cabinets – You can spruce up the existing cabinets with refacing, or install new entry-level cabinets.
  • Replace Countertops – Adding new laminate countertops can give your kitchen an immediate boost.
  • Update Appliances – Replacing old or outdated appliances with efficient new models improves your kitchen’s look and usability, and it can help lower your energy bills long-term
  • Replace the Sink and Faucet

With a minor remodel, the kitchen layout stays the same, while the room’s appearance and functionality gets refreshed and improved. A minor kitchen remodeling cost usually ranges between $20,700 to $29,800, depending on what you want to do.



Major Remodel

Major Kitchen Remodeling CostA major kitchen remodel involves a more in-depth renovation and the replacement of key elements and fixtures. This is a larger project that requires a bigger budget, more planning, and it takes more time to complete.

A major kitchen remodel averages from $29,800 to $99,400, depending on the chosen upgrades.

Major remodels involve a larger overhaul of the existing kitchen than minor remodels. Key fixtures—lighting, appliances and flooring—are replaced with new versions, while extra touches are added such as a high-end sink with matching faucet and semi-custom cabinetry. Semi-custom cabinets are customizable, with versatile sizing and door front options.

With this budget you will be able to:

  • Opt for High-Quality Countertops – You can choose a solid-surface material, or go high-end with granite.
  • Install Semi-Custom Cabinets– Semi-custom cabinets offer greater flexibility for sizing, configuration and door designs, and the option of adding an island.
  • Buy New Appliances – With a major remodel you will have the budget to purchase higher-end, efficient new appliances.
  • Add a Quality new Sink and Faucet
  • Update Your Light Fixtures
  • New appliances, including a garbage disposal
  • Custom lighting
  • Upgrade Your Flooring to Hardwood or Tile
  • Semi-custom cabinetry and a 3-by-5 foot island
  • Repaint the Entire Room
  • Installing high-end appliances with the EnergyStar rating
  • Installing a new sink and faucet
  • Opting for additional overhead lighting

A major kitchen remodel will create a more practical and attractive space for you and your family to enjoy, and add value of your home.



High-End Remodel

An upscale remodel typically includes luxury items and allows for the greatest customization and flexibility. You can expect to pay $125,000 or more for an upscale kitchen renovation, depending the scope and your chosen upgrades.

A major remodel typically includes:

Upscale kitchen remodeling will allow you to:

  • Install Custom Cabinetry – You can fully customize the cabinetry design and layout, and install extras like slide-out shelves and interior accessories.
  • Choose a Luxury Countertop – A larger budget brings the options of installing custom stone countertops with a glass tile or ceramic backsplash to accent your kitchen.
  • Buy Top-of-the-Line Appliances – An upscale remodel usually includes the most technologically-advanced, high-end major appliances, and extras such as a built-in trash compactor, warming drawer, and pot filler.
  • Upgrade Your Sink – You can install a spacious, deep under-counter sink with matching designer faucet and water filtration unit.
  • Paint Walls and Trim
  • Install Your Choice of Top-Quality Flooring
  • Install Custom Lighting

An upscale kitchen renovation is a significant investment. However, it allows you to customize your kitchen to your exact specifications, and create a beautiful, ultra-functional space for you and your family. Plus, it offers the highest possible ROI.



Cost Differences by Location

The cost of a kitchen renovation can vary greatly depending on where you live. Kitchen remodeling tends to cost more in the Northern or Western regions of the U.S, while renovations in the Southern states cost less. Of course, the cost may also vary from city to city.

The typical cost of remodeling a kitchen ranges at around twenty thousand dollars. However, on the lower end, the 2020 kitchen remodeling cost may stand at around five thousand dollars and forty thousand dollars. According to reports, most homeowners remodel their kitchen at the cost of between eleven thousand and twenty-eight thousand dollars.

The Analysis: The Average Kitchen Remodeling Cost


The kitchen remodeling cost is dependent on various factors. Some of these factors are inclusive of:

  • Residential Location
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Scope
  • Research
  • Taking Time
  • Deciding on Budget

Residential Location

When taking on a kitchen remodeling project in Mclean in Virginia, the cost of remodeling may have a higher end range between fifty and a hundred thousand dollars as compared to regions such as Cleveland. When one has the capacity to remodel their kitchen themselves, then the cost may reduce significantly.


One of the major factors to consider is the cost materials one chooses. This impacts greatly on the overall kitchen remodeling cost. One may decide to go for top-notch materials from a decorator, or they may choose to choose materials from a cheaper store. Again, the type material whether granite or vinyl, laminate or ceramic also weigh in on the total cost of the project. Here, the price is dependent on the quality of the materials. Corian and granite, for instance, are seamless materials which are typically more durable hence costlier.

Again, if one needs to install new appliances or items whether, an oven, dishwasher, refrigerator or even a sink, chances are that the price will increase on the budget. The cost of kitchen appliances installations costs about a hundred to three hundred dollars for each appliance. Nevertheless, new and high-quality stuff doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. When the new appliances are high quality, energy-efficient and with a long life expectancy, one is able to save on the cost of water and energy in the long run. They also provide the much-needed longevity hence cost efficient for the homeowner.


Labor is yet another crucial factor that impacts the kitchen remodeling cost. The cost of labor may vary from region to region. It is essential to ensure that one has a balance between their budget and work quality. A highly renowned contractor may come with a huge price tag. One may, therefore, need to make different compromises, for instance, making the kitchen remodeling project smaller but take the pricey labor or choose less expensive, lower quality labor for a bigger project.


Another important factor to consider is the scope of renovation. Remodeling may either be major or minor. Minor remodels are generally all about keeping the kitchen’s original outline while improving its general appearance and usefulness. The main changes in the minor renovation are generally budget-friendly repairs for instance wall repainting, floor replacement, installing energy-efficient appliances mainly because the materials and appliances installed before were not high quality. Generally, cabinetry is ordinarily a high expense. Minor remodels, however, involve cheaper solutions such as improving the existent cabinets. Minor remodels may cost about twenty thousand dollars

Major kitchen remodeling, on the other hand, entails a greater and more involved renovation process of the current kitchen. A homeowner may require a bigger extent of remodeling which may encompass electrical rewiring, redoing gas lines and kitchen appliances as well as shifting the position of sinks. Floors are replaced with different kinds while deluxe sinks have matching taps and customized cabinetry are installed.

Major remodeling may significantly increase the size of one’s budget to about sixty thousand dollars. The cost may rise higher up when one adds built-in and other custom pieces like drawers to conceal appliances.

When one is looking to minimize the kitchen remodeling cost, using the current kitchen layout is a factor to consider. Working out one’s vision prior to having the contractor or other provider start charging for their time is essential for the reduction of the overall cost of remodeling.


When the homeowner settles on the scope of the work they need to be done in their kitchen, it is important that they consult different contractors to establish the cost as well as other terms they may be offering to get the job done. The individual should also ask the various contractors to explain their bids in detail. This gives one the opportunity to do proper research and establish which contractor will serve them best and offer them the best deal. The homeowner should provide all information with regards to the kitchen design. This will help minimize the chances of confusion. Good planning is a great way to decrease cost overruns as well as any surprises that may occur

Doing research through shopping around is not only also essential when is looking for the materials needed for remodeling. When the supplier installs some of the materials they sell, the homeowner may find that this gives them an even better deal for installation costs.

Taking time

Taking one’s time when making a decision of the kind of work and materials they require for the remodeling project is critical. Change orders may be quite costly. When the homeowner changes their mind on what they want the contractor to do, the contractor may quote a ridiculously high price especially if they had already begun working on the renovation.

Deciding on a budget

The cost of remodeling a kitchen can weigh heavily on one’s pocket especially if they fail to set financial limits. It is also imperative to decide on which method one will use to cover the cost. Some individuals, for instance, may decide to use tax-deductible home equity loan. Saved up money may as well come in handy when one needs to cover the cost of such a project.

When a homeowner is remodeling their kitchen with a plan to sell the house, they need to use colors that are more appealing to the crowd as opposed to more expensive bolder colors. Again, one should be careful not to use an amount on the remodeling that they may not gain back when they decide to put the house on the market. Nevertheless, when one is remodeling without a plan to sell, the renovations should definitely suit their taste and comfort. Their budget should, therefore, suit their taste and preference as well as compromises that they are comfortable making.

With a budget ranging between ten and fifteen thousand dollars, the homeowner has to personally do some work and get a contractor to do other work requiring professional expertise. When possible, as a homeowner, one should purchase some materials prior to contacting the professional. Despite the fact that a contractor may get various materials at cheaper wholesale rates, it is usual for them to

While contractors can get some materials for wholesale prices, it’s customary for them to ask for extra for the labor and purchase. It is, therefore, better for the homeowner to buy materials themselves beforehand and then pay via installations. This will save them money and time.

One should thus ensure that they have a tight budget set prior to engaging in the kitchen remodeling process. One should as well take a small percentage of the total budget set and put I aside in case of miscellaneous or additional costs that may occur. The small percentage, therefore, stands as a backup budget so that one doesn’t go back to their pocket to cover such costs.

Again, it is always necessary to ensure that one looks for reputable contractors and suppliers whose services have great professionalism and offer services at reasonable prices. This way, quality work will be done such that one doesn’t need to do repairs only a short while after remodeling. The homeowner should as well talk to a financial advisor who will advise the homeowner on their best options.

Therefore, the 2020 kitchen remodeling cost is dependent on a range of factors. One, therefore, needs to plan ahead in order to get a clear picture of what they want and match it against their budget. Kitchen remodeling necessitates proper planning to guarantee its affordability. Planning ensures that factors such as the amount of labor, the extent of renovation as well as the chosen materials which can greatly affect the overall cost are put into consideration. This way, the homeowner is can make various compromises to fit their budget. Further, getting new and high-quality appliances may be pricey but less expensive when one considers the future.

Questions to Answer

Before you embark on a kitchen remodeling project, it’s wise to define your goals so you can develop a realistic renovation plan and affordable budget. You can use the answers to these questions as a starting point:

  • Why do you want to renovate?
  • What will be the main purpose of the kitchen? Will you be entertaining guests, making gourmet meals, or setting the table for your family?
  • Will a simple update suffice, or do you want to tackle a major overhaul?
  • What kind of design and features do you want to include?
  • How big a budget do you have available to get your kitchen where you want it to be?

Tips for Estimating Your 2023 Kitchen Remodeling Cost

The cost of a remodel depends on the size of your kitchen, the project scope, and the specific materials and products you choose. Here are some basic guidelines on how to estimate the potential cost:

  • Plan to spend a third of your budget on cabinet refacing or replacement.
  • Earmark another third for installation and labor charges. It doesn’t pay to skimp on labor, because problems related to poor-quality workmanship can end up costing you more down the road.
  • Plan on spending the final third on all your other items, such as appliances, countertops, lighting, flooring, etc. 
  • If you keep the existing layout, plumbing and wiring, you can save on your overall cost of remodeling.
  • Extras such as the services of plumbers and electricians are typically not factored into a remodeling contractor’s estimate, so they will be additional costs.
  • Developing a detailed remodeling plan in advance and staying organized will help eliminate unexpected costs and minimize the risk of going over budget.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Components

Here is a recap of the key components that typically affect the cost of a kitchen remodel:

Cabinetry  This can range from simply resurfacing the existing cabinets, to installing new entry-level units, semi-custom or custom cabinets. Semi-custom and custom cabinets add the most value.

Appliances  You can save money by keeping your existing appliances, replace them with efficient new Energy Star-certified models, or go for top-of-the-line versions and luxury options according to your budget.

Countertop and Backsplash – The price of new countertops and backsplashes differ greatly depending on the material. Laminate and ceramic tile are the least costly. Granite, quartz and glass tiles are more durable and luxurious, but also considerably more expensive.

Sinks and Faucets – Sink and faucet prices vary greatly depending on factors such as the material, depth, size, design and brand.

Lighting and Electrical – A major overhaul of the kitchen offers the ideal chance to update older electrical wiring. You may also need the services of a licensed electrician if you decide to replace or add appliances, new light fixtures or under-cabinet lighting.

Flooring  The price of flooring depends on the material chosen. Replacing the entire floor will cost more than simply repairing a section of your existing floor.

Plumbing – If you are re-configuring the kitchen layout or adding water-using appliances, you may face the extra cost of hiring a plumber.

Painting  A fresh coat of paint is one of the most affordable ways to spruce up your kitchen walls and trim.

Demolition and Removal – Tearing out existing cabinets and counters, or removing walls to change the kitchen layout is labor-intensive, so you can expect to pay higher labor charges.

Design Services – A company that offers design services in addition to renovations and installations can guide you from your project’s planning stage through to completion, and ensure your kitchen remodel’s success.

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