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Full House Renovation Potomac MD


Talha Gursoy


Potomac MD

Kitchen Renovation:

Our kitchen renovation is the centerpiece of this transformation, where form meets function with elegance. The combination of matte black cabinets and natural bamboo cabinets creates a striking visual contrast that adds depth and character to your culinary haven. The showstopper here is the stunning waterfall-edge countertop that effortlessly marries these two elements, creating a seamless transition and providing ample workspace for your culinary adventures. Expect a kitchen that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly practical.

Open Concept Living Room:

The open concept living room is designed to be a harmonious extension of the kitchen, fostering a sense of unity throughout your space. The dominant fireplace, adorned with black stone and natural wood accents, serves as a captivating focal point. This design choice brings warmth and sophistication, ensuring that your living room is a cozy retreat with a modern twist.

Glass Stair Railing:

Ascending to the upper levels of your home is a visual delight thanks to our glass stair railing. This transparent design not only adds a contemporary touch but also enhances the perception of space, allowing natural light to flow freely and unrestricted. It's the perfect blend of safety and style.

Large Format Floor Tiles:

The flooring throughout your home is thoughtfully selected with large format tiles that create a sleek and cohesive look. This choice not only exudes modernity but also facilitates easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for busy households.

Bathroom Renovation:

Our renovation project extends its magic to your three bathrooms, ensuring they echo the same black and wood accent colors, harmonizing with the rest of your home's design. These bathrooms are meticulously crafted to offer both comfort and luxury. Expect premium fixtures, exquisite tile work, and thoughtful layouts that maximize convenience. Incorporating a consistent color palette and design elements, this renovation project brings a sense of unity and sophistication to your entire home. It's a reflection of your taste and a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch craftsmanship. Get ready to enjoy a space that's not only visually stunning but also functional, with every detail carefully considered. Elevate your home with our comprehensive renovation package, and experience the transformative power of modern design. Your dream home is now within reach!