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What is Design Build?

The Design Build remodeling experience combines interior design, architecture and construction under one roof to provide a single point of contact for your home addition or remodel.

As an owner, you want your project completed with the lowest cost, in the fastest time-frame, and with the highest quality. More and more construction projects are using the design-build approach over traditional methods because it meets these objectives. Studies have shown that the design-build approach results in a 102 percent faster rate of project completion. This is not the only advantage the design-build method has. When you compare the design-build approach with traditional methods, it is easier to see why it is the superior approach to construction project completion.

Traditional Methods

The traditional method for construction is design-bid-build (DBB). With DBB, the owner would start by contracting an individual architect, designer, or company to design the project. Once the owner received the design and plans from the designer, the owner would then ask various competing construction companies to bid on the job. The job would often go to the lowest bidder. The plans were then given to the construction company by the owner under a second contract. There was no direct communication between the designer and the construction company.

Problems with Design-Bid-Build

Because the owner hired the construction company based on the design plans, the owner was then the person responsible for a faulty design or additional construction costs to fix unforeseen problems. With DBB, the owner has to take full responsibility for the design itself once it is received from the designer even though the owner has no experience in or knowledge of architecture or design. The owner is essentially the project manager.
how-we-build Problems with Design-Bid-Build

How Design-Build is Different

The design-build approach combines the design, architecture, and construction all under one roof. There is one contract for both design and construction. The company contracted has tradesmen and contractors in-house or subcontracts specialty services as needed. Because there is one contract, there is only one point of contact between the owner and the project. With design-build, the owner is not the middle-man between the designer and contractor.

Advantages With Design-Build

Design-build streamlines the entire construction project completion process which gives it the following advantages:

1) Target Budget

Instead of giving plans to the lowest bidder and then incurring additional costs because of unforeseen problems with the design or inaccurate estimates, the design-build approach uses a target budget. Because the designer is involved in the purchase of materials and the construction of the project, they have experience and knowledge of the costs involved from the beginning. This means that the project starts with a more accurate estimate of the actual final project cost.

2) Better Communication

Because design-build includes earlier involvement with tradesmen and builders, they are able to give their expert input as the project evolves. The designers and builders work together to resolve problems and come up with solutions.

3) Reduced Frustration

This streamlined, efficient approach reduces frustration with the owner who is not needing to go back and forth between the designer and builder trying to communicate about faulty design issues and resolve problems.

4) Lower Costs

A study by the Design-Build Institute of America shows that design-build reduces costs by 0.03 percent over DBB. While this isn’t significant, it does show that having a target budget reduces project costs over the traditional lowest bidder approach.

5) Faster Completion

The same study shows that the design-build approach results in a project completion rate that is 102 percent faster than the DBB approach. Design-build skips the delays caused by waiting for the designer to finish creating the plans as well as those caused by the bidding process. Design issues are resolved more quickly as well because of efficient communication between the designer and the builder.

6) Reduced Risks

With a target budget, the owner has reduced risks of unforeseen and unexpected expenses. Not only that, but design-build virtually eliminates the risk that a project could be suspended indefinitely because of contractual disputes and unresolved issues.

Let Us Design And Build Your Next Project

Now that you see the advantages of the design-build approach, let us help you realize your remodeling or room-addition dream. Our design-build projects include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement-space design, home additions, and interior design. Contact us today at Boss Design Center to schedule a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

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