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Looking For An Award-Winning Whole Home Remodeling Company in DMV area? Boss Design Center’s friendly and award-winning staff are ready to help you get started with the perfect Whole Home Remodel project for your family’s unique and specific needs. At Boss Design Center, we listen to your “must-haves” and guide you through the remodeling process to ensure all your needs are met. Our distinctive award winning custom home designs are both beautiful and functional. We make the best use of your most important asset, your home.


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Reliable Whole House Remodeling Contractor in Maryland

You’ve been dreaming about giving your house that badly needed makeover for so long! What’s stopping you?

We get it. Your home is your sanctuary, and opening it up to change its fundamentals and subjecting its inhabitants to that limbo of transition can make you feel quite vulnerable. It takes a lot of trust, and you don’t give that trust to just anybody.

Boss Design Center is not just anybody. We have a proven track record of successful builds and ecstatic clients. Our award-winning team will dedicate themselves to helping you articulate your family’s wants and needs, designing a custom home that meets every single one of them, and bringing that vision to reality in the most seamless and painless way possible.

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Why Choose Boss Design Center for Your Full Home Remodel, Renovation, or Addition?

We are that design and contracting company that you can entrust your home transformation to, and we’ll tell you why.

We are Local and Personal: We are your neighbors in Maryland, and we know the culture and landscape. This means we understand your context and can get in the same wavelength more easily.

Stay Within Budget: We know finances are finite. We’ll give you the results you want without breaking the bank!

Certified Professionals: Every person in our team has the experience, qualifications, and certifications they need to deliver on the job.

Customer-Centric: We have developed a system that will help you and your family live through the remodeling process with minimal stress and disruption.

The Best Maryland Home Remodeling Company Keeps Home Liveable Throughout the Build

If you’re dreading the chaos of unbearable noise, dust, and intrusion during the build and feel that you have to live somewhere else until the remodel is done, you don’t need to go through all that expense and hassle.

We can promise you a livable home remodeling. We have special equipment and systems in place to make sure the air quality stats good, the noise levels stay down, and your private spaces stay private.  This means you and other family members can work, study, and enjoy each other’s company during the remodel.

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Vision & Meeting

A visit to your home is the first step in our comprehensive Design Build process. It is an opportunity for you to meet with our remodeling planner and discuss your remodeling ideas and your budget. We will begin to discuss how our process works and your desired timeline. Our goals at this meeting are to help you understand what might be possible in your home and to get a feeling for what it will be like to work together.


You want your home to be under construction for as little time as possible. That’s why we help you make design selections, finalize your drawings, and order materials before any construction begins. Based on your design and budget, you and your team will select each detail. In our showroom, you can choose from the best remodeling products, all in one place. Your dedicated team will work with you to ensure you’ll love your selections for years to come.


To begin the design process, Boss’ Designer measures the existing structure and reviews property conditions. Once we learn about your goals and vision, we will create a new design for your space and present you with a beautiful 3D rendering so you can envision it. Along with the design, you’ll receive a scope budget estimate, as well as a projected timeline, before asking to move forward into a formal design relationship. At the next meeting, Boss presents designs and plans for your approval.


Your project manager and crew will apply for any permits you need and file them with your place of residence. This is when you’ll meet your project manager, the person who will keep your project on time and on budget. You’ll do a final walk-through of your space and customize any portion of the workflow process to meet your needs. Our project managers, who ensure on-site safety, cleanliness, and craftsmanship, take a proactive approach to communication. You’ll always know what’s happening with your project.