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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Contractor

Regardless of the type of job that you are considering, it is the contractor that will influence whether the project is successful or not. The contractor you choose will not only determine the level of quality, but also how much time the project is going to take which can be vital if you are looking at a home remodel. Additionally, the contractor will heavily influence the financial cost and overall stress of the project. Thus, you need to make sure you thoroughly vet any potential contractor before hiring him or her. The following are eight mandatory questions that you need to ask any contractor before you consider them for your job. kitchen contractors

Do You Have a License?

It may seem as if a license is a given, but in the world of construction and contractors this is not actually so. Every state, city, and even county has their requirements when it comes to licensing and credentials. In some regi ons, kitchen contractors do not need a license to practice, but you will be better off if you choose a contractor that still chose to take that extra step to obtain relevant certifications. Keep in mind that everyone can get a business license, so this alone is not enough. You need to find out whether a contractor is licensed and credentialed in your state.

How Long Have You Been Working as a Contractor?

There is something to be said for Questions To Ask When Hiring A Contractor business with years of experience behind them. Oftentimes, this means they will have already worked through a lot of the issues that new companies face as they come up, and have good contacts within the business to get you good deals. Companies that have been in the business for years have controls and systems to ensure quality, timeliness, and budget. This doesn’t mean you should ignore a small new company, but if you want to go with a smaller company make sure that they have years of experience within the industry before they opened their business.

Will You Itemize Your Bid?

Most kitchen contractors prefer to quote you one price for an entire project because it is simpler and allows them some wiggle room when it comes to completing the project. However, to protect yourself you need to ask for an itemized bid upfront that shows all of the individual project costs. This is vital because down the line you may change your mind about some aspect of the project, and then any potential savings will be at the discretion of the contractor. For example, saying you are having an addition built onto your home and decide to forgo solar panels you had originally asked for. Without an itemized bid, you will never if you really received the full savings on the solar panels you should have once they were removed. Additionally, an itemized bid is more likely to keep a contractor on his or her feet when it comes to costs.

Who Are Your Suppliers?

It is unrealistic to expect a contractor to list all of their suppliers out to you, but it is not unreasonable to ask for the names of their main suppliers. A brief list of top suppliers allows you to see the quality of goods they will provide you upfront, and gives you the chance to check up on the contractor. Similar to references, if you know the suppliers of a contractor you can call around and see what these companies think of him or her. Looking into the professional reputation of your contractor is a great way to decide if they are going to be a good fit for your project.

Are you Insured and Can I See Proof?

Before any work begins on your property it is essential to ensure that your contractor is insured. This will protect you from a lawsuit if someone is injured while on your property working on the job. It is not enough to be told that a contractor has insurance, you should be able to see proof and have a written contract in place. This will also allow to you see just how a contractor is insured. There is no basic insurance package for kitchen contractors. They should carry both liability insurance and workers’ compensation designed for the type of job you are hiring them for.

What is the Timeline for My Project?

Most people walk into a project expecting it to be done soon, but not all kitchen contractors can promise you a rapid turnaround. It is important to know this upfront before you sign a contract that forces you to wait until they are available to work on your job. You could be waiting a month or so if you blindly hire a contractor without checking out their timeline first. Before hiring any contractor, make sure you know the estimated start date for your project and the projected completion date. You may want to ask a few more questions to get a general idea of what may impact some of these dates such as ‘are there any other projects that could push our schedule back’ or ‘if changes have to be made how will adjust our timeline accordingly?’

Do You Offer a Warranty for Service and/or Materials that are Used?

You wouldn’t buy a high-priced piece of equipment without purchasing a warranty, so it would be ridiculous to consider investing a large amount of money into a project without one. Many contractors will and do offer a guarantee or warranty on their work. It is vital that you know what is covered upfront before you decide of who is the best fit. Also, make sure to ask how long the warranty will remain good following the completion of the project. Paying a bit more for a contractor that offers a longer warranty can be a wise financial decision kitchen contractors

Will You Take Care of All Necessary Inspections and Permits?

One of the perks of hiring a contractor is that they will take care of every detail of the job for you so that you don’t have to worry. With this in mind, you also want to ensure that they will handle all necessary inspections and permits that may pertain to your project. Your contractor should know what type of permits will be required, and have the ability to obtain them for you so that you don’t have to worry.