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Best Toilet Buying Guide

Best Toilet Buying Guide. Most people commit an era of walking into the store and picking the cheapest toilet for their bathroom. This is because of the widely-held notion that all toilets are the same at least on the first impression. However, there are many underlying factors that should dictate the type of toilet to select for a bathroom remodel project. Understanding these essentials can not only transform the bathroom space into a stylish space for everyone to use but also raise the value of your home in case you seek to sell it. Additionally, the importance of a well-thought toilet is that it adds comfort and complements your lifestyle.

These are the top factors to consider;

Water Consumption

Although water may be abundant in states like Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and other sparsely populated regions, some areas like California, New York, Arizona, etc. can be grappling with water shortages due to prolonged droughts and dwindling water resources. Moreover, the places with water abundance can be severely affected by acute shortages in the future as global warming disrupts water collection by water companies. It is therefore advisable to select a toilet that conserves water by using low rates of gallons per flush (gpf). For instance, Ultra High-Efficiency Toilets use at most 1 gpf in contrast to the traditional toilets that use 3.5 gpf. The impact of selecting a water efficient toilet does not only translate to lower water bills but also you get to play a role in the global water conservation agenda. From another perspective, water availability may be nonexistent in bathrooms that are commonly fitted on trucks or off the grid houses, in such a case, there are water-free composite toilets that are odorless, eco-friendly and easy to use. The Plumbing Impressions Sometimes, you may not want to have visible water pipes in your bathroom. In such a case, you may need to select toilets where the water supply plumbing is directly connected into the toilet tank directly. This can create the impression that the toilet is self-sufficient with no those protruding pipes that can alter your styles. There are many options to select, in this regard. The Size of the Space The size, fixtures, and finishes of a bathroom play a vital role in the process of a bathroom remodel project. Firstly, the size of the toilet should comfortably fit the spot while ensuring that there is space left for moving either a small vacuum cleaner or even a hand mop. Having a toilet too big for not only make cleaning difficult but also give an impression that the overall space is inadequate. Secondly, you may need to consider a mounting style that fits directly to the wall especially when the washroom has limited space. An in-wall cistern and a wall-hung toilet maximizes your space and leaves you a larger free floor space to throw in a bathroom rug or a bathroom plant. Thirdly, it is vital to note that the size of the toilet has a lot to do with the nationalities of occupiers. Most Europeans desire taller toilets as they are usually taller than average Americans, Asians of Africans. On the other hand, Americans prefer low toilets. When dealing with such a situation, you may need to look into the size of the wall cistern and the water consumption rate to minimize the surface area of the toilet as much as possible. Ease of Cleaning Toilet stains can be embarrassing to even the most carefree person. Therefore, it is always advisable to clean the toilet regularly. Installing a toilet that is easy to clean is key to having a clean toilet both in the inside and the outside. In this regard. The toilet should have a smooth surface with fewer protrusions. The in-wall toilet option is the easiest to clean as the whole surface area of the bowl is streamlined and easy to clean with any cleaning tool. However, it is slightly more expensive and requires professional expertise and complex plumbing to install. Additionally, one-piece toilets are ideal in this regard especially to people with little time to clean. Lastly, the plastic parts of the toilets (especially the lids), should be made from materials that are stain resistant, easy to wipe and having the same shade as other toilet parts. Consider the Comfort Sitting back on the toilet can offer relief to back and relieve some pressure. A bathroom remodel should focus on the outline of the cistern and the lid to determine if it is back-friendly or not. In this regard, the material should be soft, and the lid should not protrude. Additionally, the flushing handle, button or knob should be at the side of the cistern rather than the front so that a person may flash without moving the back. Considering these factors can transform the bathroom experience from that of hurry-and-go to that of relax-and-take-your-time. Consider the Toilet Performance Toilet performance is rated by a MaP score which grades the waste disposal by a single flush. A score means the ability of a single flush to clear the waste and materials that can clog the traditional toilets. In this regard, the appropriate grade should range between 1000g-600g. This means that a single flush will dispose of 35 oz. of waste matter. In the USA, the toilets have to be tested at the plant to ensure that it meets the American standards. Color Most realtors agree that colored toilets often discourage home buyers. Additionally, non-white colors affect the hue and impression of a bathroom, they can limit the scope of a bathroom remodel in the future. This is in contrast to the neutral white color that can complement everything else in the bathroom. It is therefore advisable to select the white color. Conclusion Selecting a toilet should be guided by a number of factors. These are; ease of cleaning, the comfort aspect, toilet performance, color, size of the space, water consumption, etc. The price should always be a secondary factor as style always supersedes costs. Best Toilet Buying Guide


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