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Bathroom Tile Paint

Bathroom makeover does not always mean demolition of bathroom walls or cabinets. You can remodel it by just painting the tiles for bathroom walls and floor. It is an economical way to remodel your bathroom effectively. When painting your tiles, Boss Design Center advice that you should be careful. It’s not a simple process to undertake as most people overlook it. You need to have a thorough preparation, choose colors wisely and paint in a proper way. If this is not your area, consult an expert to have the work done for you correctly. Here is how to go when painting your bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Tile Paint


If you want a successful painting job, proper preparation is the key. To prepare for your tile painting:

Clean the tiles

Clean the tiles to remove mildew, dirt or bathroom scum using strong bathroom cleaners. After you clean, wipe the tile surface with a clean and wet sponge, then allow it to dry thoroughly.

Sand tile

Lightly sand tile using fine synthetic grit sandpaper to take off the gloss on the glazed surface. Afterwards, wipe the dust with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before you start painting.

bathroom tile paint


Here are the two option for painting your tiles during your bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Tile Paint

Latex paint

Latex paint is the most popular in modern bathroom makeover. You apply one to two layers of bonding primer which is made to adhere well to tile surfaces. Give it time to dry and then apply two top coats of latex paint.

Bathroom Tile Paint

Epoxy paint

Apply two coats of epoxy paint made for tiles. Follow the instructions carefully and finally allow it to dry. Painting your bathroom tiles is enough for your bathroom makeover. Consulting a pro to do the whole task for you is a great move to take. We are here to sort you out for both your bathroom and kitchen. We enlighten you on things to avoid in kitchen improvement process as well as your bathroom to achieve your home improvement successfully.


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