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Kitchen Renovation Project Management Plan

Kitchen remodeling is a big deal to most homeowners. This is because kitchens are the heart of home life and a source of pride. More money is always spend during kitchen remodeling than any other home improvement project. A good kitchen remodel plan on a home for resale can recover much of the initial project cost. One needs to have a good Kitchen Renovation Project Plan to achieve maximum returns from a kitchen remodel. These are some of the tips to consider before ordering a kitchen remodel during planning.

Planning a Remodel

A good Kitchen Renovation Project Management Plan plan should be prepared in advance. Boss Designs Center recommends approximately six months. This will prevent unplanned structural changes during the actual remodel construction. It will also prevent changes that may result in inflating your budget. Is the kitchen for multiple cooks? How will your kitchen traffic flow be?  Provide enough space to ensure that your kitchen is accessible by multiple cooks at ago.

kitchen renovation project management plann Project Management Plan

Present Kitchen Plan

The existing kitchen should provide info on your remodel plan. Present kitchen should give you a clue of what to add or remove during your remodel. New furniture and appliances should be of desired sized. They should be able to fix through the doorway. They should not be extra-large. This will force you to incur extra expenses in resizing the kitchen to fit them. Shelves and drawers should be of desirable height and adjustable up or down to accommodate every member of the family and fun to work in.

Kitchen Renovation Project Management Plan

Remodeling Materials

Consider all the materials needed for your remodel plan to avoid last minute rush. This helps also in lessening delays occasioned by bad orders. Seeking advice from professional designers and contractors will help you make style decisions, foretell potential problems and schedule needed contractors.  At Boss design center are able to make a more accurate ranges of supplies needed for our clients. One should also consider on how and when the kitchen appliances, bowls and plastic containers near work surface will be. Dishware and flatware should be near dishwasher to ease the process of unloading.


Talha Gursoy is an accomplished Architectural Designer with over ten years of experience in the design-build field, specializing in interior design and construction. A holder of both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Architecture, Talha has built a reputation for crafting award-winning kitchen and bathroom renovations that combine functionality with stunning aesthetics. His passion for creating unique indoor spaces is complemented by his interests in photography and painting, which influence his design philosophy. Talha shares his expertise and insights on architecture and design through his engaging blog posts on his website, where he seeks to inspire and advise others in enhancing their living spaces.