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Things seem to be changing almost daily. We will keep this page updated with any changes to our work policies or proceedures.

Dear Friends of Boss Design Center,

We would like to inform you that at this time, Boss Design remains OPEN and dedicated to helping our current and future customers fulfill their remodeling needs. The health and safety of our employees and the homeowners that we serve is our main priority, so we are taking the following measures effective immediately:

  • Our designers are working from home and working with clients via teleconference.
  • Construction is considered an essential service so our production team are finishing current projects.

In The Showroom

  • We are having appointments in the showroom only when necessary.
  • We are doing Virtual Meetings whenever possible.
  • We have three .1 micron HEPA filters running at all times in the showroom**
  • We are spacing visitors and staff – we have a large design table and multiple screens that allow us to sit 6 feet apart (the CDC recommended distance)
  • The showroom has been cleaned thoroughly and we are disinfecting samples after each use.
  • We are asking that all visitors to the showroom wash their hands upon arrival and we will do the same.
  • We are asking showroom staff to monitor their temperature daily

In The Jobsite

  • We are using plastic barriers to isolate the work area from the home
  • We are running our Job site HEPA filters continuosly to clean the air **
  • We are asking everyone on site to monitor their temperature daily.
  • We have posted the symptoms and WHO recommended protective measures on our job sites (see example at the bottom of this post)
  • We have provided supplies for washing hands and disinfecting tools.
  • We’ve scheduled subs to be on the job site one at a time.
  • For all projects currently scheduled we have ordered all materials and they are being stored in our warehouse so we do not expect any delays due to supply chain issues.

** our jobsite HEPA filters are .3 micron and most viruses are around .1 microns. Still it is considered up to 5X more effective than doing nothing.

Our Staff

  • Designers can work from home if needed, though currently everyone is coming in.
  • We are commited to providing two weeks paid leave to our staff if they need to stay at home due to COVID 19.
  • All our full time staff are provided with health insurance.
  • Staff are monitoring their health for even mild illness and will stay home if necessary.

Here are the signs we are posting on our job sites and offices