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The Best Bathroom Plants

Faucets, granite tops, cabinets, floorings, shower heads, jacuzzi, etc. are some of the ideas that may pop up in your mind when you are thinking of bathroom remodeling in Northern VA to suit your new taste. These styles add elegance, style, comfort, and sophistication to your bathroom in that money can offer. However, there is one aspect of nature that can only be incorporated into space by the addition of plants. It is widely known that plants add life, color, and texture to your bathroom and can allow you to sit in that bathtub for hours and let your mind wander to the Utopian world. Plants have the ability to turn your bathroom into a natural home therapy spa that allows you to reconnect with the environments while at the privacy of your own home. Romance, sophistication, and austere are also some attributes of plants that can give your bathroom an uplift that you desire. However, selecting plants for space is not as easy as 123…, as the environment at the bathroom is bound to change from time to time. This is because you tend to lock your windows and draw your curtains while taking a bath to prevent the prying eyes of perverts. In this scenario, the plants may compete for the oxygen and end up making your therapeutic bath short and uncomfortable. To avoid this and many other mishaps, it is important to carefully consider each choice and its requirements.

The following plants are in this lighting ideal for your bathroom;

Aloe Vera

The Best Bathroom Plants

Donkey’s tail

The plant is native to Mexico’s hot and dry climate. It is a succulent green plant that hangs by the stem to create an illusion of beauty. The Donkey’s tail occupies minimal space and can be fitted on the window, cabinet shelf, bathtub siding, or even hung from the ceiling. As a succulent plant, it requires minimal attention save for occasional watering and exposure to light.

The Best Bathroom Plants

Peace lily

The lush green color can transform the impression of a bathroom from dull to lively. Additionally, the Peace Lily purifies the air and therefore vital for creating a fresh environment especially in urban area bathrooms. It is easy to care for, does not occupy a lot of space. The white peace lily flower can create an atmosphere of romance or tranquility.

The Best Bathroom Plants


The beauty of the cyclamen makes the plant ideal for bathroom remodeling. The green-white leaves and white flowers can complement various hues of the bathroom and add to pomp and color without being overpowering. However, unlike the hardy desert plants like the Aloe Vera, it is a little delicate and should be placed in a spot where sunlight is abundant. Watering should be made in such a way that the ground is watered rather than the leaves.

The Best Bathroom Plants


The plant is native to tropical climate regions. The plant is meant to thrive in the dense and dark undergrowth of rain forests and can, therefore, adapt to the most and sometimes dimly lit bathroom environment. The flower can survive for months and therefore serve as a point of beauty in the bathroom. For ideal development, it is advisable to use bark materials as a growth platform other than soil. The bark should be kept wet instead of watery.

The Best Bathroom Plants


Some florists point out that ferns give the impression of a coniferous forest. In this regard, the plant is ideal for bathroom remodeling especially when space is big and well light with natural sunlight during the day. The plant does not shed leaves often and therefore well=suited for that granite top where the sink is. It does not get affected by humidity and requires constant watering and a little bit of fertilizer to make it grow bigger.

The Best Bathroom Plants

Heartleaf Philodendron

The plant is can adapt to the bathroom conditions. Moreover, people may tend to forget to water the plant once in a while the plant may still thrive in the dry conditions. Occasional trimming and reshaping can be done to redirect the spread of the vine.

The Best Bathroom Plants

The Chinese Evergreen

The plant has light green leaves with patterns of dark green spots. It is bushy and therefore capable to create an allusion of a park or natural environment untouched by human activity. The Chinese evergreen will die in extremely cold temperatures or a draft. However, studies show that most bathrooms are rarely on these extremes and the plant can, therefore, be suited for bathroom remodeling in most instances.

The Best Bathroom Plants

String of Pearl

The string of pearl is an easy to care plant. It hangs like beads over a flower pot and occupies little space. It can, therefore, fit in any spot in the bathroom, from the window sill, the cabinet top, the shelves or even the bathroom floor. The plant complements all hues and creates the aura of life that is needed to turn the bathroom space into a conducive and calming environment for unwinding after a long day’s schedule. As a drought tolerant plant, the key to plant management is exposure to light, avoiding over watering, and using fertile loam soils on an earthen pot.

The Best Bathroom Plants

Weeping Fig

In bathroom remodeling where space for a small shrub is not a problem, the weeping fig will be perfect. When making the plant adapt to the bathroom environment, the plant might shed leaves for the process. However, the plant will recover with proper watering, exposure to light, and a little mulching to absorb the excess water on the soil. Growing the weeping weed in a bigger and earthen urn cab play a role in its development and succulent leaves.

The Best Bathroom Plants

Plants meant for bathroom remodeling must be adapt easily too the humid conditions that are prevalent in most bathrooms. Selecting a plant has to be done with the bathroom hue in mind to avoid color crushing and the subsequent need for an expensive repainting. Additionally, growing the plant in an earthen and beautiful urn can add to the sophistication.


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