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A Trusted Kitchen Remodeling Partner in Falls Church, Virginia

There are many reasons for remodeling a kitchen, and you can partner with us to ensure your project turns out just as you intended.

Given our extensive experience remodeling for homeowners in Falls Church, VA, we cater to projects of different scales, from industrial kitchens to small family spaces.

You may be interested in minor renovations or remodeling everything, from installing new cabinetry to repainting the kitchen. We have a professional team that can handle diverse tasks satisfactorily.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation now so we can discuss what project you have in mind and your timeline.

Kitchen remodeling in Falls Church, VA

Why Choose Boss Design Center for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Boss Design Center takes your kitchen to the next level, remodeling areas that may be reducing the efficiency of your space and giving you a kitchen that makes you look forward to the next meal prep. Here are reasons to call us for your next project:

Local and Personal: You want a team that understands kitchen concepts and designs in Falls Church and can implement any dream kitchen idea. Our team comprises experts with experience helping homeowners in this region realize such dreams.

Stay Within Budget: Remodeling can be frustrating if you run out of funds before you complete the project. Thus, we work with you to create a project plan within your budget, even if it means completing simple modifications first and scheduling other tasks when you can afford them.

Experienced Professionals: We onboard experts with experience in this region, and they must be insured, licensed, and bonded.

Customer-Centric: We give our customers a stress-free experience, putting them first and ensuring regular communication throughout the project.

Our designers are waiting for you to book a consultation. They will help you plan a project that gets you a dream kitchen.

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Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Services in Falls Church, Virginia

Kitchen remodeling in Falls Church, VA

You want a remodeling partner who can customize the services to your remodeling needs. Thus, we offer various services, including the following:

• Kitchen Design Consultation

• Complete Kitchen Remodeling

• Cabinetry and Countertop Installation

• Lighting and Electrical Work

• Flooring Solutions

We can help you decide the range of services your kitchen needs to be elegant but functional. Book a design consultation and we will listen to your needs and offer a suitable plan.

Kitchen remodeling in Falls Church, VA

Explore Popular Kitchen Styles

Are you curious about kitchen styles and layouts that may suit your space? Let us look at a few ideas that may interest you.

Open Space Plan

It’s a trendy concept that may be the talk of homeowners for a long time. One of the reasons for this is how this layout seamlessly ushers you from the kitchen to the adjacent spaces, such as your living area. Do you know what that means? You can have endless conversations with family or guests while preparing your meals.

Multifunctional Island

You may have seen kitchen islands with ample working space and furnished with cooking appliances. You can make yours multifunctional by incorporating a dining area. It can also have a faucet and cabinetry.

One-wall Layout

What if you have a smaller kitchen that wouldn’t have space to implement a work triangle? In that case, we can suggest a one-wall layout where your appliances, cabinets, and workspace are on a single section. That way, you can glide through the space. Such a layout also allows us to use more vertical space in your kitchen, creating storage cabinets and a pegboard pan display.

U-shaped Layout

You can choose this layout for an elegant kitchen that utilizes every corner. As such, it becomes easier to define your cooking zone. You also have sufficient storage space, and several people can move around the kitchen freely.

If none of these layouts sound like the idea you had, you can describe your concept to our designers during the complimentary consultation.

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