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Kitchen Remodeling, Renovation & Design Services in Leesburg, Virginia

A Trusted Kitchen Remodeling Company in Leesburg, Virginia

Let us be part of your kitchen remodeling journey. We have assisted numerous homeowners in Leesburg, Virginia, and will bring our expertise to turn your design idea into a functional kitchen area.

We offer a comprehensive range of remodeling and renovation services for small and large kitchen spaces. Whether you want to upgrade your appliances, install modern cabinets and countertops, or change the kitchen layout, our team can handle any project.

Expect professional guidance from material selection to budgeting because we are a customer-centric remodeling partner. We walk with you from the day you request a consultation to the final reveal of your revamped space. 

Request a complimentary consultation now so we can assess your needs and start working on your remodeling plan.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Leesburg, Virginia

Why Choose Boss Design Center for Your Kitchen Remodel?

We know you’re looking for a remodeling company you can trust. Here are reasons to work with us:

Local and Personal:We understand the diverse tastes and preferences of homeowners in Leesburg. Thus, we personalize the design to match your lifestyle and have completed numerous projects in this area.

Stay Within Budget: We want to help you utilize your resources to get your dream kitchen. Thus, we will discuss your budget and create a project plan based on your needs and financial ability.

Experienced Professionals: We select licensed, insured, and bonded staff to ensure we offer exceptional services in every project.

Customer-Centric: We discuss ideas with you and keep you updated throughout the project.

You can schedule a consultation now so we can discuss your remodeling project and when you’d like to get started.

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Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Services in Leesburg, Virginia

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Leesburg, Virginia

There are many activities between planning and the final touches, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services, including the following:

• Kitchen Design Consultation

• Complete Kitchen Remodeling

• Cabinetry and Countertop Installation

• Lighting and Electrical Work

• Flooring Solutions

Take the first step and schedule a meeting to discuss your space and remodeling goals. Our team will take it from there and create a remodeling plan.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Leesburg, Virginia

Explore Popular Kitchen Styles

Boss Design Center’s clientele is diverse, from aspiring home cooks to homeowners with a chef’s kitchen. Thus, our team can help you turn your space into any kitchen design style or layout. Here are some ideas to inspire you:


You may desire it if your current space lacks enough storage for pans and you have many appliances cluttering your work surface. This design style makes the space feel like it hasn’t been lived in because of its spotless countertops and cordless appliances. Even cabinets may be flat-fronted and handless.


You may notice that such kitchens almost always have cabinets with raised panel doors. Other features that bring out a traditional concept are hardwood floors. Does that sound like the idea you have for your kitchen?


This design combines traditional and modern design concepts. For instance, you can blend natural and artificial materials like wood and concrete. Alternatively, you can lay a colorful Persian hallway runner to complement neutral or white walls.


Such a kitchen design can have wood as a staple for the floor, ceiling, and cabinetry. Shiplap walls can also fit in this rustic design.


What if you want something new and unique? We can help you personalize your design style. Tell our designers your ideas, and they will plan how to incorporate them into your space.

You can start this process today by scheduling a consultation. If you don’t have a design style, we will walk you through various options that suit your space.

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