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Kitchen Remodeling in Rockville, Maryland

An Experienced Kitchen Remodeling Partner in Rockville, Maryland

Partner with us, and we will help you turn your ideas into a functional kitchen suitable for your lifestyle, including kitchen remodeling in Rockville, MD. If the present state of your kitchen limits your creativity as a host or home chef, we can help you refresh it. We help you transform your space professionally, whether you want to update appliances or change the layout of the entire kitchen. Since Boss Design Center is in Rockville, Maryland, our team is familiar with the building codes and permit procedures that may be necessary for different projects.

Kitchen Remodeling, Renovation & Design Services in Rockville, MD

Why Choose Boss Design Center for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Boss Design Center sets out with one goal: to transform kitchens. Here are reasons to work with us:

Local and Personal: We are a local company, meaning our services resonate with the community. Our team has served customers from various parts of this community.

Stay Within Budget: Our team will advise you on the most cost-effective solutions to stay within budget without compromising your dream kitchen style.

Experienced Professionals: Our team has the qualifications and experience to provide remodeling and renovation services in this community. We entrust your project to licensed, bonded, and insured professionals.

Customer-Centric: You are our priority, and our team will work within your schedule and project requirements. Expect a seamless process from when you consult our designers to when we unveil your new kitchen.

Start this process today. Book a complimentary consultation now, and let our designers put your ideas on paper.

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Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Services in Rockville, Maryland

Kitchen Remodeling in Rockville, MD

We offer various services to ensure our customers get a comprehensive remodeling package: 

• Kitchen Design Consultation

• Complete Kitchen Remodeling

• Cabinetry and Countertop Installation

• Lighting and Electrical Work

• Flooring Solutions

Our team will oversee your kitchen remodeling project from design to finish. Let Boss Design Center help you turn your kitchen into a space worthy of a magazine cover.

Kitchen Renovation -Rockville, MD

Explore Popular Kitchen Styles

Have you gathered ideas on what your dream kitchen needs? If not, these kitchen styles may inspire you to change the layout of your space:

Open Plan

Get an open plan for a seamless flow from your kitchen to your living and dining area. This modern concept makes family interactions easier as you can hold conversations across the floor. You might also need such a layout if you love hosting and allowing guests to join in the cooking.

Galley Layout

You can maximize the space of a narrow kitchen by arranging cabinets along two walls. It keeps all your appliances within reach and eliminates clutter.

L-Shaped Layout

Your appliances and cabinets can sit on two adjacent walls to create an L-shaped layout comprising a long and short wall. It makes your movement around the cooking zone easier.

U-shaped Layout

Instead of an L-shape, we can help you arrange kitchen essentials along three walls. It provides more storage and working area, making this layout suitable for a busy kitchen.

There are numerous styles, and our team can give you any of them. Contact us, and our designers will discuss more kitchen styles with you to find the most suitable option for your space.

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