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A Dependable Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Clifton, VA

Reimagining your bathroom is a thrilling venture that can transform it into an opulent personal haven where you can indulge in your daily rituals. No matter your grand vision, we can breathe life into it now!

And it’s not merely a cosmetic update of one room – a bathroom overhaul will resoundingly elevate the overall prestige and value of your residence.

Boss Design Center specializes in curating bathrooms exquisitely tailored to your home’s character. We’ll reimagine your existing layout, meticulously designing a space that aligns with your distinctive needs and desires.

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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in Clifton with Superlative Custom Designs

Whether you yearn for a comprehensive renovation or just a few thoughtful enhancements, Boss Design Center is the solution.

Our mission is to alleviate any stress at each stage, ensuring a truly indulgent experience. We pour our passion and artistry into the redesign, gifting you with a bathroom that captivates your aesthetic sensibilities while flawlessly addressing functionality.

We deftly orchestrate every aspect from lighting and plumbing to flooring and cabinetry, and our seasoned team remains at your service for any additional guidance.

Explore our breathtaking bathroom design gallery and witness the transcendent possibilities!

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Relying on Boss Design Center for Your Bathroom Remodel or Renovation

Should any doubts linger about commissioning us, allow us to emphasize why we are unparalleled:

We’re local and we get personal. We are embedded in this community, fostering profound personal connections. Our local roots ensure sincere understanding of you, your household’s discerning tastes and rhythms β€” enabling us to craft a space that seamlessly elevates your lifestyle.

We’ll work within your budget. We deftly navigate any budgetary parameters you provide. We appreciate resources are finite and respect your parameters.

Experienced Professionals: Each master craftsman on our team is meticulously vetted, possessing all requisite accreditations. You can rely on our consummate professionalism!

Contact us today for a complimentary private consultation. We eagerly await making your acquaintance!

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Unveil Coveted, Sophisticated Bathroom & Shower Styles

Harmonizing with your preferred aesthetic is crucial in realizing the success of your dream renovation. Peruse these beautiful design styles β€” which one intrigues you most?


Contemporary bathrooms exude a sleek, minimalist grandeur. Unencumbered by ornate embellishments, these spaces radiate refined elegance. Innovative indulgences may include heated toilet seats or seamless smart tech integrations.


Yet this aesthetic doesn’t preclude state-of-the-art conveniences! The traditional design draws inspiration from ornate, time-honored styles. Expect elegant flourishes like carved mirrors and antique or antique-inspired cabinetry reminiscent of Bridgerton opulence.

Farmhouse Rustic

For those enchanted by warm, unpretentious spaces exuding a rugged pastoral charm, farmhouse rustic beckons. Envision cozy log cabins, rural cottages, and rustic huts. Natural wood, stone, distressed metals, and perhaps even leather accents evoke a luxurious yet inviting ambiance.


Uncompromising functionality takes center stage in the industrial aesthetic, enthralling those who delight in utilitarian beauty. Expect exposed pipes, bare bulb illumination, subway tiles, thick wooden accents, and pared-back fixtures. Judicious touches of color and texture soften the raw edge.


A coastal sanctuary transports the soothing essence of the seaside into your personal oasis, even if far inland. Evoke breezy oceanside tranquility with cool blues, aquas, seaside-inspired materials, textured accents, and an aura of laidback elegance.


Can’t choose between contemporary sleekness or ornate classic ambiance? Fret not – transitional style seamlessly intermingles the best of both worlds! So if you covet an heirloom clawfoot tub yet also adore contemporary geometric tile motifs, we can harmoniously realize that vision.

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