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Imagine having a bathroom where you can spend more time caring for your body. Such a place can invite you to relax in a bathtub with a scented candle burning nearby to create an otherworldly ambiance or soft music playing in the background.

It does not matter how creative you want it to be; count on Boss Design Center to turn your ideas into a functional ablution.

You know what that would do to your home’s value? You’d have one of the most admirable properties in Kensington.

Before we create the remodeling plan, we listen to your ideas and analyze your space.

Bathroom Remodeling Kensington Maryland

The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in Kensington with Incredible Custom Designs

You can revamp your bathroom in so many ways. For instance, you can remodel it entirely and change even the layout. On the other hand, you can do minor updates. We offer all types of services.

The process can be daunting, especially when you decide to overhaul the entire space. Thus, we prefer to take everything off your shoulders and handle every aspect of the project. That way, you can enjoy every step made to move your current space from bland to majestic. Wouldn’t you love that?

Thus, our team comprises engineers, electricians, plumbers, and other experts to handle various remodeling tasks.

You can look at a list of our previous clients to see the kind of projects we handle.

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Bathroom Remodeling and Design Services in Kensington Maryland

Why Contract Boss Design Center for Your Bathroom Remodel or Renovation?

If we haven’t already convinced you to book a consultation, consider the following:

We’re local and we get personal: Working with a team that lives in your region is exciting and comforting because you know they understand what homeowners in the area require.

We’ll work within your budget: To get the most from your resources, you need an expert who can strategize your remodeling project accordingly. That’s what we do. We help you see how far your financial ability can go and create a manageable remodeling plan.

Experienced Professionals: The right team for that job is one with a portfolio proving what they can do. We have the professional qualifications and licensing, and our list of completed projects also proves our competence.

Now, let us focus on your project. Book a complimentary consultation to discuss your upcoming project and when you’d like it to start.

Bathroom Remodeling and Design Services Kensington Maryland

Discover Popular Bathroom & Shower Styles

You know your space and how you’d like to improve it. Thus, you may have already collected magazine cuttings showing your dream bathroom layout. If you haven’t, browse this list of the most fashionable bathroom styles:


One of the features of this style is a simple color palette. It can be neutral, building on the ambiance that makes the space feel airy. Plus, this style takes advantage of natural light, allowing your room to feel spacious, clean, and relaxing.


You can bring greenery indoors in unique ways. For instance, low-maintenance house plants bring lush color. You can place them in sunny spots, and they also benefit from the room’s humidity. If you’re not ready to be a plant parent yet, you can add nature-themed materials instead, such as natural wood cabinets and mats with plant motifs.


You don’t have to let go of the old if you still love some aspects of traditional bathroom styles. We can install modern furnishings like a glass shower enclosure to complement your antique cabinets and Victorian claw-foot bathtub.

Beach Style

It’d be a suitable choice in a home with a spacious bathroom leading to a private balcony where you can soak in the sun. Imagine bringing the textures and colors of the beach into such a space.

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