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Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting process that can make your bathroom feel like a wonderful haven where you can enjoy your ablutions. However you envision that space, you can make it real now!

And it’s not just about upgrading or refreshing a particular room either β€” a bathroom reno would definitely bring an uptick in your home’s value as a whole.

Boss Design Center can help you bring to reality a bathroom that is unique to your home space. We’ll take your current layout and design a space that suits your specific needs and wants.

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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in Maryland with Incredible Custom Designs

Whether you want a total bathroom overhaul or just a few minor updates, Boss Design Center is your go-to solution.

We like to take as much stress as possible out of every stage of your bathroom renovation so that you actually enjoy the process. We pour our heart and creativity into the redesign so that you get a bathroom that appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities as well as your functional requirements.

We take care of everything from lighting and plumbing to flooring and cabinetry, and we’ll be there for you for whatever additional help or advice you need.

Check out our bathroom design portfolio and see what we can do!

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Why Choose Boss Design Center for Your Bathroom Remodel or Renovation?

Still not sure you want to hire us? Here are more reasons why you should.

We’re local and we get personal. We’re from here and we are part of the community. We take the time to get to know you and your family and your tastes and habits so that we can deliver something that suits your life best.

We’ll work within your budget. We know that resources have limits and we respect that.

Experienced Professionals: Everyone in our team has been vetted and has all the necessary qualifications and certifications. You can trust that we’re pros!

Go ahead an contact us for a free design consult. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Bathroom Remodeling in Maryland

Explore Popular, Budget-Friendly Bathroom & Shower Styles

Knowing what you want is key to the success of any remodel project. Here is a bird’s eye view of different design styles for your bathroom. Which style speaks to you best?


Contemporary bathrooms usually have a clean, sleek look. There’s not a lot of fluff which will give your space a certain elegance about it.

You might also find some nifty features here such as warmed toilet seats or some smart tech.


This doesn’t mean that you forego any of the modern bathroom conveniences! Traditional design merely adheres more look of eons past. There might be some ornateness in the mirrors and antique or antique-like cabinetry. Think Bridgerton!

Farmhouse Rustic

If you’re into warm, cozy, unpretentious spaces with a certain rugged appeal, this style is for you. Log cabins, rural cottages and huts will have this look about them.

There’s going to be a lot of wood or stone here, and distressed metals, maybe even leather.


This style is for those who prefer stark functionality stripped of frivolity. It feels unfinished, but there is still beauty to be found in its harsh utilitarianism.

Exposed pipes, naked bulbs, subway tiles, thick slabs of wood, and “basic” looking plumbing fixtures are some of the elements you may find in an industrial bathroom. The atmosphere can be softened by judicious use of color and natural textures.


If you love the water, a coastal aesthetic is perfect for you. Even if you don’t live near a beach or a lake, you can make your bathroom like it. A palette of cool blues, aquas and neutrals, ocean-inspired materials and detailing, and cozy textures can all contribute to the casual, breezy feel.


This may be a blanket term for a bathroom that combines classic and contemporary elements to meet your needs. So if you want a Victorian-style tub and love modern graphic tile patterns, we’ll make it work.

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