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Your bathroom is more than just a space for a quick shower or freshening up. It is an escape from the tiresome hustle and bustle of your daily tasks. So if you’re dreaming of revamping your bathroom into a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing, and fully functional refreshing sanctuary, you’re free to do so.

Revamping your bathroom is not just a makeover or a simple remodeling; it is also one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. After the remodel, everyone in your neighborhood will be talking about the elevated status of your property.

The kind of transformation that you want is the kind of transformation that Boss Design Center does. We’ll help you bring your dream bathroom to fruition. Whatever your current layout is, we’ll look at it and create a new design according to your goals, needs, and preferences.

Bathroom Renovation Travilah MD

The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in Travilah, MD with Stylish Custom Designs

Whether you want to change the layout and do a full bathroom renovation or opt for minor updates, we can do the job for you.

The remodeling process can be tedious and stressful but we guarantee that you won’t be bothered by any of these inconveniences at all. The Boss Design Center team will handle all the daunting tasks that go with your bathroom reno. You can relax and enjoy the experience from day one to the turnover of your remodeled bathroom.

From lighting and plumbing to flooring and cabinetry, our team of remodelers and renovators is trained to take care of everything in the most efficient way possible.

To find out more about all the exciting stuff that we can do for you, check out our portfolio of bathroom designs and projects.

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Bathroom Remodel Travilah MD

Why Should You Hire Boss Design Center for Your Bathroom Remodel or Renovation?

Still haven’t made up your mind about hiring us? Here are more reasons why you should:

We’re local and we get personal.Β We’re in Travilah, Maryland. We move around the same community that you do. We know the sights and sounds of the place. We embrace the culture and this allows us to create designs that resonate not only with your needs and preferences but with your traditions as well.

We’ll work within your budget.Β We understand what it means to have a limited budget. You don’t have to worry about going over-the-budget, though, because we employ creative solutions that allow us to maximize your resources.

Experienced Professionals: You can trust our team of licensed and highly skilled professional remodelers and renovators.

So, will you hire us now? Contact us right away so we can give you a free design consultation. We’ll wait for you!

Bathroom Renovation Travilah Maryland

Check Out These Popular Bathroom & Shower Styles

A successful bathroom remodel is dependent on the style that you choose. You have to pick the one that best complements your lifestyle and provides your needs. Here are several styles you can choose from:


Contemporary bathrooms are popular among people who like the modern minimalistic look. These spaces feature open layouts, geometric patterns, and clean lines. The dominant colors are warm, such as earth tones.

A contemporary bathroom can also feature high-technology appliances.


A traditional bathroom combines several elements from various eras, with the Victorian era being the most popular. Bathtubs often have claw feet or intricate designs. Sinks sometimes occupy a significant portion of the bathroom. The walls are almost always wallpapered.

Farmhouse Rustic

The farmhouse rustic bathroom is best for people who want to be as close to nature – or anything natural, as much as possible. It has upcycled elements (such as the sink or bathtub), exposed open shelves, and a lot of reclaimed wood in dark colors.

Farmhouse rustic bathroom owners often buy their stuff from the flea market. The bathroom also has farmhouse-related elements.


An industrial bathroom has a lot of steel, brass, and copper. It has exposed cables, pipes, and bricks in addition to subway tiles. It combines metals with some rustic elements. It also has a lot of wood, but only the ones with a used or aged look.

The industrial bathroom has bright lighting and an unfinished overall appearance.


Coastal bathrooms are cool, breezy, and relaxing. It features a lot of blues – different shades of blue. Its decor elements are inspired by the sea and the sand. It’s like bringing the beach into your bathroom.

A coastal bathroom has natural lighting and is airy, with big, wide windows that you can easily open. Other design elements include driftwood and rattan.


Can’t pick just one style? If this is your case, then the transitional bathroom is the best option for you. You can mix a little bit of the classic with your favorite modern bathroom elements.

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