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Walking into your old bathroom after remodeling will be the best feeling ever! As you take in the changes and fall in love with various new features and the ambiance, you’ll realize you took too long to remodel the space.

You can start the process now, and we’ll help you put all your design ideas together. We can work with any ideas you have, whether they are design etches on drawing paper or cutouts from decor magazines.

You can also ask our team for advice if you are unsure of the size or scale of work that can bring out your design concept.

Bathroom Renovation Great Falls VA

The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company in Great Falls, Virginia with Expertly Made Custom Designs

Boss Design Center is the kind of remodeling partner that can help you carry out a project of any size, whether you are looking for minimal updates to bathroom features or an overhaul of the entire design.

You might find larger projects overwhelming, and that’s why we take care of the whole process, from design to remodeling.

Check out our recent projects and see our diverse designs.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Great Falls VA

Why Consult Boss Design Center for Your Bathroom Remodel or Renovation?

Trust us to bring out the remodeling plan you have for your bathroom. Here’s why we are a suitable contractor.

We’re local and we get personal: Boss Design Center works in the Great Falls area of VA, so we know the home value range, bathroom designs, building codes, and other factors you should not ignore when remodeling.

We’ll work within your budget: You may have already set a budget for your project and are looking for a contractor who can work within that range. Let us look at your project and advise you on staying within budget without missing the essence of the remodeling work.

Experienced Professionals: Our portfolio will show you the immaculate results we guarantee homeowners, which can only come from experienced professionals.

We can discuss more about your project during a free consultation. There, you can ask our designers any questions you might have.

Bathroom Remodeling Great Falls Virginia

Explore these Inspiring Bathroom & Shower Styles

During the consultation, we’ll ask about the bathroom style and layout you hope to implement. The top designs for this region include the following:


This style allows you to inject more creativity into your remodeling project. You can experiment. For instance, we can mix two tiles to create a smooth shower cubicle and a textured floor. You also have versatile designs, from long cabinet handles to handless cabinets.


It’s a perfect choice for a homeowner looking for a timeless bathroom style with vintage lighting fixtures and stone counters, among other traditional design concepts. You can also experiment with natural wood cabinets and colored wallpaper for texture.


This style may allow you to experience modern concepts like neutral colors and lavish fixtures, but you may not include all the modern trends you have in mind. Thus, you may paint natural colors on the walls and install barn lighting fixtures to maintain the farmhouse feel.


What if you don’t want to let go of some traditional features of your current bathroom? We can combine them with modern furnishings to create a transitional style.

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