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Is your house in need of a fresh look? What’s keeping you from starting?

We know it’s a big step. Your house is where you feel safe, and letting others change it can feel scary. It’s hard to find people you can rely on for such an important job.

At Boss Design Center, we’re different. We’ve made many families happy with our work. Our prize-winning group will help you tell us what your family wants. We’ll create a unique home plan that fits all your needs. Then we’ll turn that plan into reality as smoothly as we can.

Great Falls Virgina whole house reno

Hiring Boss Design Center for Your Full Home Remodel, Renovation, or Addition

We’re the team you can count on for your home remodel. Here’s why:

We are Local and Personal: We are based in Great Falls, too. We know the area and its people. This helps us understand you better.

Stay Within Budget: We know money matters. We’ll give you great results without spending too much!

Certified Professionals: Every person on our team has the right skills and training to do the job well.

Customer-Centric: We have ways to make the update process easy on you and your family.

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The Best Great Falls Home Remodeling Company Sets the Standard for Livable Builds

Great Falls Virginia whole house remodel

You might worry about loud noises, dirt, and strangers in your house during the remodel. You might think you need to move out until it’s done. But that’s not true.

We promise to give you a livable remodel. We use special tools to keep the air clean, the noise down, and your privacy protected. You can still work, learn, and enjoy family time while we update your home.

whole house remodeling Great Falls Virginia

Ideal Pick for Custom Home Remodels & Additions

We don’t just keep your home livable. We also do great work using our all-in-one approach.

Often, different groups do the planning, building, and finishing. This can cause problems like poor teamwork and mistakes that cost time and money to fix.

With Boss Design Center, everyone working on your home – from planners to builders to decorators – shares the same goal and works as one team to reach it.

Navigate Whole House Remodel Projects With Us

Our good work comes from our team’s skills and our friendly ties with homeowners like you. We have our own ways to help you through your home update.

Here’s how we can help you:

Meeting & Visioning: We meet you and learn about you. We explain how we work, and you tell us what you need, how much you can spend, and when you want it done.

Designing and Reviewing: We look at your home and how it’s built. We measure everything. You share your ideas and hopes. We make a plan and show you a 3D picture of it. We also tell you how much it might cost and how long it might take. Then we agree to work together.

Material Selection: We finish the plan for your house update and help you pick out the details for your new look.

Preparing for Construction: A team leader gets all the needed papers for your project. They set goals to make sure your update finishes when we say it will and costs what we said it would.

At Boss Design Center, we all work honestly and follow high standards to earn your trust.

Look at our past work and set up a talk with us when you’re ready!

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