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Home renovations or additions can be overwhelming because they require expert planning. Doing otherwise is a risk that can negatively impact the whole project.

Partnering with a team of contractors like Boss Design Center ensures you have an expertly crafted reno plan. You get custom remodeling designs for various rooms, creating a space you’ll love.

We know that you may have reservations about opening your home, especially if you are planning a whole house makeover in different phases. We take the least time in our projects and ensure we do not disrupt your life unnecessarily.

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Why Hire Boss Design Center for Your Full Home Remodel, Renovation, or Addition?

Our team will transform your space to match your ideas of a dream home. Here’s why you should trust us with your project:

We are Local and Personal: We are in Kensington, so we understand the remodeling culture of homeowners in this region. We will use our knowledge to customize your project.

Stay Within Budget: Bring your project to us, and we’ll help you remodel your home without breaking the bank.

Certified Professionals: Our team comprises experts in various whole remodeling and addition services. They have the qualifications and experience to give you a dream home.

Customer-Centric: We focus on the customer and bring them on board throughout the project.

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Whole House Renovation and Remodeling Kensington, Maryland - Bathroom

Do you fear remodeling your home because of the disruption? Hire us, and you will have a different experience. We have invested in innovative equipment that helps us maintain a liveable atmosphere even as the renovation continues.

Your household will not notice any difference while we are on-site because we respect privacy and create a remodeling plan that doesn’t interfere with your schedule.

Whole House Renovation Kensington, Maryland - Bathroom

The Best Choice for Custom Home Remodels & Additions

To guarantee you get outstanding results, we handle the whole process from design to build. It ensures the remodeling proceeds within the timeframe and budget allocated.

Having one team handling different aspects of the process ensures the home reno maintains the same standard throughout your space.

Boss Design Center sends a team comprising experts like plumbers and architects, everyone else you need to get an excellent house remodeling.

Learn about Whole House Remodel Projects from Design to Build

Our success as a brand is thanks to our competent team and working for clients like you who value our services. Our services have a clear plan that involves the following steps:

Meeting & Visioning: We start with a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, budget, timeline, and what you expect from a whole house remodeling expert. We also tell you what we can do for you.

Designing and Reviewing: The next step is a site visit to take measurements. During this visit, we also ask about your vision and ideas to incorporate into the project. Our designers then create a 3D rendering and estimate the budget and time needed. We then discuss the contract terms with you.

Material Selection: Our team finalizes the reno design, presents it to you, and explains how the project will take place in different sections of your home.

Preparing for Construction: The project manager gets the necessary permits and sets the remodeling deadlines and milestones guided by the budget.

Our recent projects will show you our standards and commitment to giving homeowners exceptional remodeling services.

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