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Have you been thinking about giving your house a new look? What’s holding you back?

We understand. Your home is special, and changing it can make you feel uneasy. It’s not easy to let strangers work on your house. You need someone you can trust.

Boss Design Center is that someone. We’ve done great work for many happy clients. Our award-winning team will help you figure out what your family wants and needs. We’ll design a custom home that meets all those needs. Then we’ll make that design real in the smoothest way possible.

whole house remodeling Vienna Virginia

Top Reasons to Pick Boss Design Center for Your Full Home Remodel, Renovation, or Addition

We’re the company you can trust with your home changes. Here’s why:

We are Local and Personal: We live in Vienna, too. We know the area and the people. This means we can understand you better.

Stay Within Budget: We know money matters. We’ll give you what you want without emptying your wallet!

Certified Professionals: Everyone on our team has the skills and training to do a great job.

Customer-Centric: We have a way of working that makes the remodeling process less stressful for you and your family.

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Expert Vienna, VA Home Remodeling Company Creating Harmony Between Living and Building

Vienna Virginia whole house remodel

You might worry about noise, dust, and people in your space during the work. You might think you need to live somewhere else until it’s done. But you don’t have to do that.

We promise to keep your home livable during remodeling. We use special tools and methods to keep the air clean, the noise down, and your private areas private. This means you can work, study, and enjoy family time while we work.

whole house renovation Vienna

Premier Provider of Custom Home Remodels & Additions

We don’t just keep your home livable. We also do great work using our design-build approach.

Usually, different companies do the design, construction, and finishing. This can lead to problems like poor communication and mistakes that cost time and money to fix.

With Boss Design Center, everyone working on your home – from architects to plumbers to decorators – shares the same goal and works as one team to reach it.

Experience Whole House Remodel Projects: The Entire Transformation

Our success comes from our team’s skills and our good relationships with homeowners like you. We have our own ways to guide and support you through your remodel.

Here’s how we will work with you:

Meeting & Visioning: We meet you and get to know you. We tell you how we work, and you tell us what you need, how much you can spend, and when you want it done.

Designing and Reviewing: We look at your space and its structure. We take measurements. You tell us your ideas and goals. We make a design and show you a 3D picture of it. We also give you our cost estimate and timeline. Then we move forward with our agreement.

Material Selection: We finish the design for your house remodel and help you choose the details for your home makeover.

Preparing for Construction: A project manager gets all the needed permits for your project. They set deadlines to make sure your remodel finishes on time and within budget.

At Boss Design Center, we all work with honesty and follow high standards to earn your trust.

Take a look at our work and book a meeting with us when you’re ready!

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