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You’ve probably thought about renovating your entire home several times already. Maybe you even had plans drawn out at some point. Why has the remodel not happened yet?

You don’t have to say anything though because we understand. We know how difficult it is to entrust your home – your sanctuary, to someone you do not know. We understand why you wouldn’t want to trust just anybody with your home transformation.

But Boss Design Center is not just anybody. We are a respected and trusted remodeling company with a track record of successful builds and happy and satisfied clients. Our team of designers and renovators are committed to transforming your house into the home that you’ve always dreamed it would be.

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There Are Several Reasons for Hiring Boss Design Center for Your Full Home Remodel, Renovation, or Addition

We are that design and contracting company that you can hire with confidence for your home renovation. Here are the reasons why.

We are Local and Personal:Β You’ll find us in Travilah, Virginia – where you and your family are located. We move in the same community and share the same cultural preferences. This is an advantage that allows us to give you exactly what you need.

Stay Within Budget: Your limited budget won’t be a problem for us. We employ creative and personalized strategies for delivering the home you want regardless of your financial capabilities.

Certified Professionals: Everyone in our team is highly skilled, qualified, trained, and certified.

Customer-Centric: We follow a build-design system that allows you and your family to enjoy and live in your home stress-free throughout the renovation process.

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The Best Travilah, Maryland Home Remodeling Company Keeps Homes Livable Throughout the Build Process

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Going through a home renovation means experiencing inconveniences such as dust, dirt, noise, and intrusions. You may want to, but you shouldn’t move out during the remodeling process as this can prove to be costly.

You do not need to live somewhere else until the build process is completed because Boss Design Center follows particular protocols and uses a special system that minimizes noise and keeps the air safe. Intrusions are also minimized. As such, you and your family can go on doing your day-to-day activities without any hassle.

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The Exceptional Choice for Custom Home Remodels & Additions

Our expertise is more than just providing livable conditions during the remodel process. Working with us is a guarantee that you will get first-rate build results courtesy of our unique design-build approach.

Traditional remodels require different companies to work on the planning, construction, and finishing phases. This can result in miscommunication, coordination issues, and mistakes that can take time to address. It can also drain your financial resources.

Boss Design Center will not trouble you with such issues because our team – from the architects to the plumbers to the decorators and reupholsterers, works well together. We are committed to one goal and that is to seamlessly bring your plans and visions to life.

What Happens In Whole House Remodel Projects from Conception to Delivery

Our successes and achievements are the result of our team’s individual skills and abilities, as well as our strong connection and trust-centered relationships with homeowners like you. Our personalized process is unique and innovative and is intended to guide you through the remodeling.

This is what our process looks like:

Meeting & Visioning:Β We contact you for a meeting so we can talk about your visions and goals. We will also share with you how we work. This allows us to gain a better understanding of your lifestyle, preferences, needs, schedule, and budget.

Designing and Reviewing: Before coming up with a design, we will inspect your current space and take note of important details such as structures, surroundings, and measurements. This will give us an idea of what we will be working with. We’ll create a design and render it in 3D before presenting it to you. We’ll also give you our estimates and timeline. Once we get your approval, we will move forward with the project.

Material Selection: After getting approval for the design, we will set out to find the best materials for your home remodel.

Preparing for Construction: You will be assigned your own project manager, whose main task is to manage permits and ensure that the build is completed within the budget and on schedule.

At Boss Design Center, integrity and proper business ethics are values we prioritize. You’ll never go wrong in trusting us.

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