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A home remodel is certainly a good idea, something that many homeowners have thought about a lot. It may have crossed your mind several times already, but something is stopping you. What is it?

We know, and we understand. Your home is your haven, a safe place that you return to after a tiring and stressful day at work. So entrusting its transformation to someone you do not know and trust is an uneasy feeling.

Boss Design Center is a company you can trust. Our track record is proof of our successful remodels and shows how confident our clients are in what we can do for them. Our team of designers and renovators know exactly what you want and how to give it to you.

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The Advantages of Hiring Boss Design Center for Your Full Home Remodel, Renovation, or Addition

We are a reputable design and contracting firm that you can entrust your home transformation to. Here are the four best reasons why.

We are Local and Personal: We are Wolf Trap, Virginia residents so we understand the community, neighborhood, and culture that you move around. We know what your preferences are and we know how to give you what you need.

Stay Within Budget: Other companies may frown upon your limited budget, but we won’t because we are prepared. We employ creative strategies so that we can give you the results you need despite financial constraints.

Certified Professionals: Our team is composed of experienced, qualified, certified, and trained professionals.

Customer-Centric: Our remodeling process is stress-free and allows you and your family to stay in your home throughout the build without having to worry about anything.

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The Best Wolf Trap Home Remodeling Company Keeps Your Home Livable Throughout the Build

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If you are worried about incurring additional costs because you want to move out of your home while the remodeling is ongoing, there’s no reason you should be. You don’t have to worry about the noise, dust, dirt, and disruptions.

Boss Design Center uses a system and specialized equipment to bring down noise and disruptions, as well as to keep the air safe for you and your family. This means you and your loved ones can continue living in your home throughout the process without any interruptions in your daily activities.

whole house reno wolf trap virginia

A Great Choice for Custom Home Remodels and Additions

Our guarantee does not stop at offering you a stress-free remodeling process; we also deliver exceptional results, thanks to our seamless design-build approach.

While most companies employ the traditional process — where separate groups are hired for the planning, construction, and finishing phases; Boss Design Center does not. The conventional process is prone to mishaps and mistakes, which can be costly in the long run and can significantly affect timelines.

At Boss Design Center, our team values each other’s contribution. We value teamwork. We set our sights on a common goal — to work together so we can deliver your dream home in the best way possible.

Experience Seamless Whole House Remodel Projects from Planning to Completion

Our success is not possible without the skills and abilities of our team, as well as the good relationships that we have established with our customers. Our creative and personalized process is specifically intended to guide you through the entire build.

Here’s a glimpse at what our process looks like:

Meeting & Visioning: We set up a meeting with you so we can talk about your needs, timeline, and budget. We’ll also give you insights on how we work.

Designing and Reviewing: We’ll take a look at your space and explore its structures and surroundings. This will give us an idea of what we will need to do. Additionally, you share your goals and vision while we take measurements. Then we’ll come up with a design, render it in 3D, and present it to you. We’ll also provide you with estimates and schedule details. If you like what we offer, we will move forward with our agreement.

Material Selection: Once you have approved the design, we will help you secure the best materials for the remodel.

Preparing for Construction: A project manager will be assigned to you and they will take care of all the permits needed. The project manager is also expected to manage deadlines and milestones and ensure that the build is completed on time and within the budget.

At Boss Design Center, you can trust us to adhere to proper business ethics and work with integrity.

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